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3373496 - How to share SAP Analytics Cloud content with SAP Product support for a particular incident


How can I export content (i.e. models, stories, allocations, users, connections, etc.) when working with SAP Product support for a particular support case or incident?


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)


  1. From the side navigation, choose  Transport  ->  Export.
  2. Under the tab Content Network Storage, select My Content folder.
  3. Select New Export    +
  4. On the Choose Content page, select the content that you want to include in your export.
  5. When you've chosen your content, select Next.
  6. In the Set Package Properties page, type the Name, Description, and Details for the package. If your content has terms and conditions, add them in the Details.
  7. Set the name as INCIDENT followed by the incident number (for example INCIDENT nnnnnn).
  8. Select Category and Location
  9. To export the package to a subfolder within My Content, type the folder path in the Location field, or select Browse next to it.
  10. Add Destinations
  11. Select  (Add ) to add a new sharing destination.
  12. In the Destinations dialog, select the type of the destination that you want to add:
    Enter the details for the System (please note that the Landscape and System may be different if your SAP Support representative has indicated to use a different system):
    Landscape EU10
  13. set Access = View and Import.
  14. Select Add to add the destination.
  15. After the Sharing ->  Destinations has been populated with the selected destination select Next
  16. Then choose Export.
  17. The following notification box will be displayed:
    The export job for INCIDENT XYZ  has started. You will be notified once it has completed or failed.

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