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3373727 - Values of Second Manager is not fetched from job relationship in Compensation worksheet


Values are not fetched from job relationship to custom field "Second Manager" in compensation worksheet.

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Reproducing the Issue

In the Design Worksheet, you have made a custom field named as Second Manager, for it to be fetched from job relationship. But when you launch worksheets the data is blank even though you have mapped everything correctly.

Kindly check the following things before you move on:

  • The option id of second manager is same as the one which is mapped to job relationship of employee, if you have same label for multiple picklists, Kindly change the picklist label such that each Second Manager is distinguishable without knowing its option id.


    Job relationship in Employee profile:
  • The user have second manager mapped correctly. (this should be checked only if the user worksheet is not launched with second manager hierarchy, since there would be no worksheet for that user if it wasn't mapped correctly)
  • The mappings in design worksheets are :

    To fetch user id:
    Column Type: String
    EC category: Job Relationships
    EC component name: Compensation Manager(Option ID) (this is from the picklist jobRelType)
    EC field : Name

    To fetch Name of the Second Manager:
    Column Type: Username
    EC category: Job Relationships
    EC component name: Compensation Manager(Option ID) (this is from the picklist jobRelType)
    EC field : Name


The Second Manager Field appears Blank due to the jobRelType picklist.

Please note, if you have multiple picklist with same name ( most likely to associate with different parent picklist) like below:

You might also have same Non-unique external code in all of them.
Non unique external code.png
When this happens, the data is not being fetched.


This is expected behavior as per the system design as its not supported to have multiple second managers in the system. For more details you can refer here:2079986 - HRIS Sync - How Does HRIS Sync Map EC Job Relationships to System Roles ( 

But we can do workaround with this method.
Since we cannot utilize job relationship portlet, we can make a custom rule to bring the user ID of the second manager in jobinfo portlet from where we can pull into compensation worksheet:

Define a rule with job relationship:

Set this rule in jobRelationshipInfo:


In Jobinfo,

Make a custom field in my case "Second Manager jb":
secondmanger jobinfo.png
With this rule in place when you save the jobRelationshipInfo in the employee profile, the user ID of the manager will come up:

job information portlet.png

Now you can map this to your compensation worksheet to pull the value:

Now if we launch the worksheet,values will be fetched
The other option is to utilize the custom manager. so you would need to maintain custom manager to bring the values into comp worksheet and second manager to utilize the compensation hierarchy.

See Also

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2079986 - HRIS Sync - How Does HRIS Sync Map EC Job Relationships to System Roles (


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