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3376166 - House bank & & is not assigned to G/L account & in company code & (FINS_ACDOC_POST133)


Reprocessing bank statement items failing into error "House bank & &  is not assigned to G/L account & in company code &" (FINS_ACDOC_POST133).



Reproducing the Issue

  1. Upload bank statement files via App Manage Incoming Payment Files.
  2. Check imported bank statements in Reprocess Bank Statement Items App.
  3. Check the Log of failed bank statements.
  4. Error: "House bank & &  is not assigned to G/L account & in company code &".

In this case example let's simulate the issue with the following data:

House bank ABC01/ABC01 is not assigned to G/L account 1234567890 in company code XXYY.
Message no. FINS_ACDOC_POST133

Choose a different combination of house bank/account or change G/L account.


House Bank: ABC01

House Bank Account: ABC01

Company Code: XXYY

Country/region Key: DE

Bank Reconciliation Account: 1010101010

Bank sub-account: 1234567890

Payment Method: T

Account Symbol: TRANSF


The error is raised as the bank sub-account is not configured correctly.


Depending on your business need, you can assign either a bank reconciliation account or a balance sheet account to the house bank account in Manage Bank Accounts App.

When the bank reconciliation account is activated for the house bank account, the bank subaccount is derived by the account symbol.

  1. Check bank reconciliation account in Manage Bank Accounts App under House Bank Connectivity of ABC01/ABC01/XXYY.
  2. Bank Reconciliation Account is set to 'Yes' and G/L Account is maintained as 1010101010.
  3. Check in SSCUI 103557 Assign Account Symbol to Payment Methods the Country/region, Payment method and Account Symbol. It is DE/T/TRANSF.
  4. Check in SSCUI 101024 Make Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement under Assign Accounts to Account Symbols the Acct Symbol and G/L Account. It is TRANSF and ++++++++90.
  5. The G/L Account 1234567890 (masked as ++++++++90) is a bank sub-account.
  6. Check in Manage G/L Account Master Data App if bank reconciliation account is linked to this bank sub-account.

Bank Sub Account (Clearing account) Example: 
G/L Account: 1234567890 
Company Code: XXYY
G/L Account Type: Cash Account
G/L Account Subtype: S (Bank Subaccount)
Reconciliation Accnt: 1010101010
Account Group: FIN  (Liquid Funds Accounts)

A bank sub-account needs to be configured as above, otherwise error occurs during bank statement processing.

See Also

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