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3376590 - Workflow statuses available for MDF objects in Analytics reports


This KBA provides guidance on how to handle workflow statuses and their transitions.


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Scenario 1: Having an 'N' Status with Both Completed and Rejected Entries

To have an 'N' status with both completed and rejected entries, it is essential to understand how multiple workflow instances are associated with the same MDF (Master Data File) object. Here's a step-by-step explanation:

  • Initiating the Workflow: Begin by initiating a workflow for an MDF object. Initially, it will have an 'N' status, indicating that the workflow has not started yet.
  • Workflow Rejection: If the workflow is rejected, the status can be updated to 'R' for "Rejected."
  • Workflow Completion: If the workflow is completed successfully, the status can be updated to 'PH' for "Completed."

This approach allows you to have an 'N' status with both completed and rejected entries based on the outcome of the associated workflow instances.

Scenario 2: Workflow In Progress

When a workflow is in progress, it might not have an 'N' status. Instead, it is often assigned a 'P' status, signifying "Pending." 'N' typically indicates that the workflow has not started yet.

Scenario 3: Direct Transition to 'PH' Status

In some cases, a workflow may transition directly to the 'PH' status for "Completed" without going through the 'N' status. This indicates that the workflow was initiated and completed without any intermediate statuses. In such instances, there won't be an 'N' status entry for that specific workflow instance.

Scenario 4: 'P' Status and Possible Transition Statuses

The 'P' status, denoting "Pending," is used to indicate that a workflow or task is currently awaiting action or approval. Here are the possible transition statuses from 'P':

  • 'N' for "Not Started" when a workflow is initially created.
  • 'PH' for "Completed" when the pending task is successfully completed.
  • 'R' for "Rejected" if the pending task is rejected.
  • 'I' for "In Progress" if the pending task is actively being worked on.
  • 'C' for "Cancelled" if the pending task is canceled.

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