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Important KBAs:

E-Mail Notification related issue:

2928537 - Automatic Standard E-Mail Notifications for Business Task Management Activities are Sent Without Additional Subscription

2857348 - Business Task Notification Template Cannot be Changed

2462503 - E-Mail Notifications for Business Tasks Not Being Sent

2780886 - No “Subscribe to Email” icon in Notification\

3224248 - Notification Not Available to Subscription

2589503 - Service Technician of a Ticket Does Not Receive Notification for Ticket Assignment  

2647446 - Not Receiving E-Mail Notifications for the Subscribed Tasks

3276820 - E-Mail Notification for Purchase Order Approval Work Flow Triggered Multiple Times for the Same User  

2895942 - How to set up an E-Mail notification for Tasks that are not appearing under Task Subscription


Task Related Issues:

3216004 - Document ID missing from Application Log under Business Task Management

3217304 - Unable to Escalate Manually Created Business Task

2661288 - Task Types Are Greyed Out for Approval for Sales Quotes in Business Configuration

2626473 - Health Check: 'System cannot assign BTM items of type XYZ' OR 'Assignment of type XYZ BTM items not possible'

3213917 - The Alternative Approver is not Receiving the Approval Task

2941686 - Approval Notification Not Triggered To Processor When Ticket Is Approved By The Approver

2631766 - Error Message: Reserving the Task on Behalf of User ABC Failed

2282930 - Substitution Manager not Able to View tasks of Actual Manager Under My Managing Area

1521423 - No Payment Approval is Generated After Releasing a Payment

2677788 - Cost center is Displayed in Approval Process Conditions Even though Cost Center is Inactive

3293697 - Task Processor not visible in Initially

2705429 - You Are Unable to Choose Task Document Type in Workflow Rule


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