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3379750 - SAP Analytics Cloud Data Locking Error Using Dynamic Time ToPeriod Function With Inverse


A data locking error message appears, similar to the following screenshot, when attempting to edit a cell containing a Calculated Measure that uses a ToPeriod function with an Inverse.



 SAP Analytics Cloud QRC Q4 2023 and higher

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the model, create a calculated measure using a ToPeriod function, to create a running total of a measure. For example: LOOKUP([Sales] ,[d/Date]=ToPeriod("Quarter" )) called ToPeriodCalc.
  2. Create another calculated measure to add an inverse on ToPeriodCalc.  For example: [Sales] / [ToPeriodCalc]| INVERSE([Sales] := [ToPeriodInverse] * [ToPeriodCalc] ) called  ToPeriodInverse.
  3. Save the model.
  4. Add the ToPeriodInverse calculated measure to a table at story level and try to edit the cell with another value.
  5. The cell locking error is seen, similar to the following:



In the above example, the [Sales] measure within ToPeriodInverse is the target of the inverse.

During data entry processing, [ToPeriodCalc] is fixed and [Sales] is set to a new value.

The two operands, [Sales] & [ToPeriodCalc] overlap, as processing updates to [Sales] attempts to re-aggregate results for [ToPeriodCalc], resulting in a data locking error.


It is recommended to perform updates directly on the measure prior to applying a ToPeriod formula to achieve desired results.


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