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3383727 - Filter variable default value set as "[]" but showing as "=" when performing a preview


An Analytic Model in SAP Datasphere was created and a filter variable was defined with Option as "[]":

However, when performing a preview, the filter variable does not consider the option selected "[]", instead it displays"=". You are expecting to see an empty from and to field in the variable screen to specify a selection.


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It is not possible to achieve this from the Analytic Model using a filter variable. The filter type in the  Analytic Model restricts the complexity that can be used in the variable screen (e.g Interval allows = and Between; range allows =, >, < between not between,...), but it cannot be used to force the screen to show fields for an interval with from and to. Even when you provide default values, that they are shown as interval, you need to remove the condition in the variable dialog, and the system reverts back to "=". 


Since this is a software behavior, please: 

•    Use two restricted measure variables "from" and "to", and use them in the filter expression of a restricted measures (e.g filter variable >= :from and filter variable <= :to). 
•    Use two source variable that map to input parameters in the underlying Fact source that are evaluated in the where condition of the view.

Actually your question is a feature enhancement request and will help us to improve SAP Datasphere. 
Please follow this link to create an enhancement request:

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