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3385280 - SAP SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking Release FAQ - Second Half 2023 (2H 2023)


This KBA is to share the 2H 2023 new features in scope of SAP SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet (LOD-SF-EC-TMS*) and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking (LOD-SF-TTR*). 


  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central - Time Sheet
  • SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking


The following documentations can also be found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links in the "What's New" section.

Please find the 2H 2023 release features in scope of SAP SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet (LOD-SF-EC-TMS*) and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking (LOD-SF-TTR*) in below chart.

Support Product Area Feature Name Description WNV Link Reference Number Support Component

EC Time Sheet

Time Recording Profile VisualizationWe've added the new Time Recording Profile Visualization object, which you can use to visualize the time valuations and time type groups included in a time recording profile.LINKTIM-37698LOD-SF-EC-TMS

EC Time Sheet

Assignable Time Management AlertsYou can now assign Time Management alerts to a user in the Admin Alerts UI.LINKTIM-13356LOD-SF-EC-TMS

EC Time Sheet

Submit Button for Previous Negative Time SheetsNegative time recorders can manually submit previous time sheets.LINKTIM-40304LOD-SF-EC-TMS

EC Time Sheet

Cancelled Absence not Shown on Time Sheet UICancelled absences aren’t shown on the Time Sheet UI anymore.LINKTIM-39338 LOD-SF-EC-TMS

EC Time Sheet

Adding or Cancelling Absence triggers Recalculation for Overtime Recorders

Adding or cancelling an absence triggers a recalculation for overtime recorders now.

EC Time SheetChange in Behavior when Loading Time Sheet with Complex Inactive TypesIn the current version, uploading time sheets with inactive complex types doesn't trigger the error message 'Value "*******" does not exist.' any more.LINKTIM-40307LOD-SF-EC-TMS

EC Time Sheet

No more than 200 attendance, on-call, or allowance types per time profile

We've added a new validation to the time profile. This validation ensures that there are no more than 200 attendance, on-call, or allowance types per time profile.


EC Time Off

EC Time Sheet

Enhancements to Time Management Configuration SearchWe now support additional search and filter options in Time Management Configuration Search, so that more search options are available.LINKTIM-37811



Time TrackingRule-Based Configurable Automatic Time Sheet Submission for Positive RecordersWe've added a possibility to automatically submit time sheets of positive recorders when certain criteria are fulfilled. With a time sheet submission rule you can now define for which criteria the time sheets are automatically submitted.LINKTIM-37648LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingAutomatic Time Sheet Submission with DeviationsWe've added a possibility to automatically submit time sheets of positive, negative, and overtime recorders with deviations.LINKTIM-37849LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingRest Rule Alerts on the Time Sheet UIRest rule alerts are now also shown on the Time Sheet UI rather than only on the Admin Alerts UI.LINKTIM-37834LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingRestricting the Target Population of Time Sheet AlertsYou can now restrict the target population of time valuation and time collector alerts with additional target criteria to determine which alerts a user role can see on the Time Sheet UI.LINKTIM-37657LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingCalendar-Based Automatic Time Sheet SubmissionWe've added a possibility to automatically submit time sheets by setting up a calendar with submission dates.LINKTIM-34797LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingTrace Asynchronous Time Valuations on the Time Sheet UIYou can now trace asynchronous time valuations on the Time Sheet UI. Asynchronous time valuations process data that is stored in time containers.LINKTIM-37835LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingCalendar in Time Recording AdmissibilityWe've added a possibility to restrict retroactive changes in the time sheet by setting up a calendar in the time recording admissibility.LINKTIM-37360LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingDelta Definitions in the Create Time Record Valuation TypeWhen configuring time valuations with the Create Time Record valuation type, you can now define that the start or end time of a time record is a delta time. A delta start time of a time record can be based on a defined end time, or a delta end time can be based on a defined start time.LINKTIM-37840LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingImport of External AllowancesWe've added a possibility to import external allowances to the time sheet so that the allowance data is available there and employee time valuation results are updated.LINKTIM-37015LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingFlexible Periods in Time ValuationYou can now set up time containers that store data from time valuations for a flexible period between 1 and 12 months based on daily time container results from that period.LINKTIM-37837LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingPrevention of Break GenerationWe've added the Prevent Generation of Breaks field to the time recording profile so that you can prevent dynamic and scheduled breaks from being generated.LINKTIM-38204LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingSimplification of Single Record Approval processing imported via External Time DataWhen you have a workflow configuration for single record approval, imported single records are submitted automatically.LINKTIM-39351LOD-SF-TTR-TMS

EC Time Off

Time Tracking

Time Type List FilterableIt's now possible to hide time types from the selection dropdown when recording an absence, working times, or on-call times by assigning a time type filter rule to the corresponding Available Time Type.LINKTIM-37665



Time Tracking - CICOClock My Time Quick Action in Microsoft TeamsWith the integration of SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft 365, a Clock Time quick action is available for users to record time events in Microsoft Teams.LINKWRK-334LOD-SF-TTR-CIO
Time Tracking - CICOREST API to Perform Mass Deletion of Time EventsYou now have a new REST API that allows you to perform a mass deletion of multiple time events.LINKTIM-39076LOD-SF-TTR-CIO
Time Tracking - CICOEnhancements to Clock My Time Quick ActionThe Clock My Time quick action now shows all the supported actions and not just the possible actions.LINKTIM-37891LOD-SF-TTR-CIO
Time Tracking - CICOUsing the Paired Time Event Details to View External Time DataYou can now copy the pairing ID from the Manage Clock In Clock Out page and use this information in the External Time Data to view the relevant time event record.LINKWEF-115906LOD-SF-TTR-CIO

Employee Central


Time Tracking

Latest SAP Fiori Design Standards Adopted in iOS and Android Mobile Apps: September 2023In iOS and Android SAP SuccessFactors Mobile apps, we adopted the latest SAP Fiori design standards for Recruiting, Workflows, Home Page, People Profile, Time Off, Time Sheet and a few other features.LINKMOB-75664





Time Tracking - Clock In Clock Out

Support for Clock In Clock Out in Instance RefreshThe Instance Refresh tool now supports refresh of Clock In Clock Out along with other features of SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite.LINKTLS-27841



Minor Visual Changes related to Time Sheet and Time Tracking:

  • The Time Sheet quick approval card now uses the Recorded Overtime label to refer to overtime recorded by employees with the time recording method Overtime. 
  • The error message texts in the Time Management section on the Job Information portlet in people profile are aligned between Time Off and Time Sheet if no time profile is assigned or the time profile is inactive.
  • The term used has been changed to "Holiday" on Time Sheet UI to be consistent with usage in other UIs.
  • The To be submitted status text in Time Sheet UI is changed to blue.
  • The Submit, Discard, Withdraw action buttons on Time Sheet UI now appear in the footer bar.

More details can be found from Minor Visual Changes in 2H 2023 by filtering Module = Time Management

There are also some Time Off (LOD-SF-EC-TIM*) new features that are also relevant with Time Sheet (LOD-SF-EC-TMS*) and Time Tracking (LOD-SF-TTR*) as listed in below chart.

Support Product Area Feature Name Description WNV Link Reference Number Support Component
EC Time OffUpdate to Effective-Dated Time ProfileAs of the 2H 2023 release, the effective-dated time profile will be universally applied to all instances.LINKTIM-39466LOD-SF-EC-TIM
EC Time OffFlexibility to Update the Holiday Planned Working Time Determination DetailsYou can now update the Holiday Planned Working Time Determination details even if a holiday category selected in the specification is used in any of the holiday calendars.LINKTIM-38144LOD-SF-EC-TIM
EC Time OffNew Methods to Create Temporary Change in the Planned Working Time Tab and Permission ChangesThe Planned Working Time tab in the Time Workbench now includes new methods for making temporary changes to an employee's work schedule.LINKTIM-36814LOD-SF-EC-TIM
EC Time OffValidation of Permission to View Find a Work Schedule LinkThe Find a Work Schedule link is no longer visible when you go to the Edit screen of the Job Information page, if you don't have the relevant permissions.LINKWEF-118218LOD-SF-EC-TIM

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