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3385791 - New Behaviours introduced in the Redesigned Applicant Workbench


The new Redesigned applicant workbench will be available for all customer in H2 2023. New behaviours have been captured in this KBA.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


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Here are the new behaviours introduced in the Redesigned Applicant Workbench:

1. To move applicants to another status, the user can click on “Move” button and the next status will be automatically pre-selected. This redesigned action provides clear feedback to the user about the validity of move for selected applicant. The user can choose another status if needed. The drag & drop feature is not supported.  

2. Anonymized applications and applications marked for anonymization are not displayed in the new tool as only applicants on whom you can perform action are visible. 

If you would like to see any applicants in following statuses, then you will need to switch to the legacy workbench: 

  • Deleted on Demand by Admin  

  • Deleted on Demand by Candidate 

  • Declined DPCS  

 New applicant workbench: 


Legacy workbench: 

Note: As a result, the number of candidates and active candidates which are displayed in the job requisition summary page can be different from the count in the new workbench.  


3. The redesigned Applicant Management tool lets Recruiting users control all applicant status changes through the Move button only.  For this reason, in the redesigned workbench, onChange rules configured on Status will not be supported, meaning: 

  • If an onChange rule is set to modify the value for Status automatically, this will not work. 

  • Example: If value for Rating is < 5 = set Status to disqualify 

  • If an onChange rule is set on the Status field itself, this will not work. 

  • Example: When Status is changed to "Interview" = set Interview Picklist to “To be scheduled” and raise alert “Please make sure to schedule interview” 


Beside this specific use case (onChange rules on Status), all other onChange and onSave rules will work the same in the redesigned workbench/legacy and honor same functionalities. If you have set an onChange rule on Status, you can convert this onChange rule to an onSave rule. 

Minor differences to be aware between onChange and onSave rules: 

  • We can’t raise alerts with onSave rules. 

  • onSave changes the value stored in the database versus onChange changes the value in the UI (that can then be modified by user before saving in the data base = it acts more as a suggestion) 

  • onSave rules are triggered once clicking on "Save" or "Move" versus onChange rules are triggered when modifying a value in the portlet. 


4. "View Resume" action is not present anymore. To access an applicant's resume, follow these steps: 

  • Click on the applicant's name to view their details. 

  • Navigate to the "Resume and Documents".  


What about Resume carousel?  

In the list, you can select multiple applicants and then select View Details action, so that you can see the detail view of these applicants, included their resumes. As in a carousel, click then on the little arrow at the top-right corner when you want to switch to next applicant’s resume/details.  


5. “View Profile” link is not supported in the new workbench. Hence, the comments attached to the Candidate Profile are not visible. However, they can be viewed from the candidate search page. 




6. Manage Columns option: up to 9 columns can be selected and displayed at the same time. Columns display is not driven by the code in the template.  

Example unread column configuration(Please review the Consideration section in this LINK for more information): The field sysNewApplicant must be made displayable = Yes in Manage Data -> Recruiting User Personalization Object.

If Recruiting User Personalization Object is not visible to user, then RBP must be provided to the permission role.

Permission Roles ->  Manage MDF Recruiting Objects -> Recruiting User Personalization Object.


7. multiattachmentselection fields type behaviour: if a document is added by candidate, it can be deleted/replaced by Recruiting user in latest workbench, if the user has the correct permissions. 

8. Live data icon: it will provide the latest information updated by the candidate in their profile. However, the information provided while applying to the job requisition will not change (snapshot concept)   



9. To access the navigation tabs such as job profile, job postings, candidate search, view candidate ratings, users will need to click on “Job requisition title” to be able to access to these tabs. 




10. Comments appear incorrectly in the candidate workbench (legacy system):


With the new applicant workbench now supporting comment formatting (bold, italic, etc), any comment added in the new tool (with or without formatting) will be reflected in this manner within the legacy system.  

Note: Please note that the html tag will also be appearing in ad hoc report. 

11. Standard fields can be configured in both candidate and application template. However, in the new workbench the field will be shown only in one section even if the field is configured in both templates. For more information, click HERE

Here is the list of standard fields that will be shown in the Profile section:

  • contactEmail
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • middleName
  • address
  • phoneCountryCode
  • cellPhone
  • homePhone
  • faxNumber
  • city
  • state
  • country
  • zip
  • currentTitle
  • currentCompany
  • postConvExtContactEmail

Here is the list of standard fields that will be shown in the application section 

  • primaryEmail
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • race
  • dateOfAvail
  • optInCellNumber
  • dateOfBirth
  • disabilityStatus
  • minAnnualSal
  • preferredLoc
  • ssn
  • veteranStatus
  • resume
  • coverLetter
  • soure
  • forwardedBy
  • forwardedFrom
  • forwardedOn
  • rating
  • lastModified
  • name
  • status
  • applicationDate
  • bkgrndChkStatus
  • employeeId
  • comments

12. For an specific scenario, there will be some differences between date and time between the legacy and the new workbench. This is because the new workbench will use browser time zone and the legacy will use user time zone as per their user data file.

For example: A recruiter has France / Europe as a locale in his/her profile, if the recruiter travels to the US and set up an interview there, the time of the interview will be based on the browser time zone (in this case US time zone), as a result, there will be a different time shown between the legacy and in the new workbench. 

Please review the Consideration section in this LINK for more information

13. Previously in the Legacy Workbench, Users were given a warning message "When you complete this action there will be no openings remaining on this requisition and the requisition will be closed. Do you want to proceed?" prior to move Candidates to an Onboarding Status, when the Number of Openings was equal to 1. 

This warning message has not been integrated to the Latest Applicant Workbench functionality, as it's unsupported at the moment.


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