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3386001 - V/04 | Missing translation in short description


Translations of the condition table short text are missing in transaction V/04, for example after upgrade.



This KBA applies for all SAP Products based on NetWeaver and S4H.


A001    Not Used in Standard
A002    Domestic Taxes
A003    Tax Classification
A004    Material
A005    Customer/Material
A006    Price List Type/Currency/Material
A007    Division/Customer
A008    Plant/Additional Selling Plant
A009    Additional Selling Plant/EAN
A010    Additional Selling Plant/Material
A011    Export Taxes
A012    Additional Selling Plant/Material Group
A013    Overhead Type
A014    Surcharge Type/Surcharge Key
A015    Not Used in Standard
A016    Contract Item
A017    Material Info Record (Plant-Specific)
A018    Material Info Record
A019    Contract Header
A020    Division/Price Group
A021    Vendor/Material/Unit of Measure
A022    Material/Unit of Measure
A023    Additional Selling Plant/Material/Unit of Measure
A024    Distribution Channel/Material/Unit of Measure
A025    Info Record for Non-Stock Item (Plant-Specific)
A026    Controlling Area/Overhead Type/Cost Center
A027    Controlling Area/Overhead Type
A028    Info Record for Non-Stock Item
A029    Material Pricing Group
A030    Customer/Material Pricing Group
A031    Price Group/Material Pricing Group
A032    Price group/Material
A033    Incoterms
A034    Incoterms (Parts 1+2)
A035    Surcharge Type/Plant
A036    Overhead Type/Order Type
A037    Surcharge Type/Order Category
A038    Surcharge Type/Company Code
A039    Surcharge Type/Business Area
A040    Country/State/Customer Classif.1/Material Classification 1
A041    Country/State/County/Customer Classif.2/Material Classif.2
A042    Country/State/City/Customer Classif.3/Material Classif.3
A043    Material Type
A044    Vendor
A045    Vendor Condition Group
A046    Material Group Prices
A047    Material Group Prices (Plant-Specific)
A048    Incoterms (Plant-Specific)
A049    Market Price for Material
A050    Incoterms
A051    Invoicing Party
A052    Invoicing Party (Specific to Info Record)
A053    Taxes Using Jurisdiction Code
A054    Market Price for Material Group
A055    Sales Org./Order/Plant/Material
A056    Sales Org./Order/Plant
A057    Variants
A058    Controlling Area/Cost Center Type
A059    Controlling Area/Company Code
A060    Controlling Area/Business Area
A061    Controlling Area/Cost Center Type/Cost Center
A062    Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost Center
A063    Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost Center
A064    Customer Hierarchy
A065    Customer Hierarchy/Material
A066    Info record per order unit
A067    Plant Info Record per Order Unit
A068    Outline Agreement Item: Plant-Dependent
A069    Vendor Subrange
A070    EAN per Plant
A071    Material per Plant
A072    EAN per SOrg/DstCh
A073    Material per SOrg/DstCh
A074    Plant/Customs Area/Material
A075    Master Conditions for SRV with Material Group
A076    Master Conditions for Activities in Contract
A077    Cost Split for Activities in Contract
A078    Departure Country / Destination Country
A079    Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material Group
A080    Taxes: Material
A081    Contract Conditions at Plant Level
A082    Contract Conditions without Plant
A083    Vendor Conditions with Plant
A084    Vendor Conditions without Plant
A085    Metal Prices
A086    Taxes: Material, Plant and Origin
A087    Taxes: Plant, Account Assignment Origin and Region
A088    Taxes: Material, Plant, Acc. Assignment, Origin and Region
A089    SD Document/Material
A090    SD Document/Item/Material
A091    Wage Type Surcharge at Plant Level
A092    Wage Type Surcharge without Plant
A093    Wage Type Surcharge - General
A094    Taxes: Material, Plant, Origin and Region
A095    Activities + Purchasing Organization
A096    Activities for Vendor
A097    Activities for Vendor with Plant
A098    SD Document/Item/Material Pricing Group
A099    SD Document/Item
A100    SOrg/DstCh/Material_MainItem/Material
A101    SOrg/DstCh/Material-Main Item/Material Pricing Group
A102    SOrg/DstCh/Material Pricing Group-Main Item/Material
A103    SOrg/DstCh/MaterialPricingGroup-MainItem/MatPricingGroup
A104    Service Conditions (Own Estimate)
A105    Controlling Area/Company Code/Business Area
A106    Price List/Material Group
A107    Vendor Hierarchy
A108    Vendor Hierarchy / Material
A109    Vendor hierarchy: vendor sub-range
A110    Sales Organization/Destination Country
A112    Service agent
A113    Service agent/Dep.cntry/
A114    Tax Exemption: Customer
A115    Ser.agnt/Dep.ctry/Dep.PC  /Ship-to party
A116    Tax Exemption - Customer/Tax Classification 2-Material
A117    Tax Exemption: Customer/Material
A118    "Empties" Prices (Material-Dependent)
A119    Service agent/Dep.ctry/ /Dest. country
A120    Surcharge Type/Version
A121    Legal regulations: Values for calculated foreign percentage
A122    Surch. type /Profit Center
A123    Discount Type/Resp. Cost Center
A124    Service agent/Dep.cntry/Dep. PostCode/Tariff zone Dest. loc.
A125    Service agent/Tariff zone dep./Tariff zone target
A126    Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Freight Class
A127    Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Incoterms
A128    Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/ShippingMatType
A129    Service Agent/TariffZDep/TariffZDest/ShipMatType/VSEGR 1
A130    Service agent/tariff zone dep./tariff zone targ/shipping mat
A131    Service Agent/TariffZnDp/TariffZnDest/Packaging Matl/VSEGR1
A132    Price per Cost Center
A133    Mixed Taxes, Domestic
A134    Vendor
A135    Transp. service agent/shipping type/bulk group
A136    Price per Controlling Area
A137    Price per Country/Region
A138    Price per Company Code/Business Area
A139    Price per Profit Center
A140    Sales Area / Accounting Indicator
A141    Dependent on material and receiver profit center
A142    Dependent on material
A143    Dependent on material group
A144    Sales Deal Basic Data
A145    Sales Deal - Customer/Material
A146    Customer hierarchy
A147    Customer hierarchy (sales deal)
A148    Product Hierarchy
A149    Customer-dependent data determination
A150    Dest. Ctry/Material
A151    Dest. Ctry/Comm. code
A152    Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Plant/Material/Sales Unit/Customer
A153    Sales Org./Distribution Channel/Material/Sales Unit/Customer
A154    SalesOrg./Dist.Channel/PriceList/Material/SalesUnit/Customer
A155    Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Price List/Material/Sales Unit
A156    Country of departure/destination country/del. country
A158    PTT Circulation/Publication (CH)
A159    Package Type/PType Var./Country Grouping
A160    Plant Info Record: Variants
A161    Info Record: Variants
A162    Invoice recipient
A163    Number/Material
A172    Campaign ID/Material
A173    CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A174    CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A175    CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area
A176    CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund
A177    CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area
A178    CO Area/Ovrhd Type/GM_GRANT_N
A179    CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/GM_GRANT_N
A180    Country/Preference Zone/Cross-Plant Grouping
A181    TaxIndPlnt/Tax type
A182    Region/PlntRegion/Plant/Tax ind.
A184    ACRN ID/Material/Version Number/Priority
A185    Order no./Item/Configuration no./Material/Preference zone
A190    Country/StCla-Mat
A191    Country/Rec.Country/StCla-Mat
A192    Country/Goods Rec./StCla-Mat
A193    Country/Region/StCla-Mat
A194    Application/Line of Business/Tariff/Version/Status
A195    Application/Agreement Number/CRemun/Version/Status
A196    Application/Agreement No./Line of Bus./Tariff/Version/Status
A197    Application/CACS_COM_C/Ind.Sect./Version/Status
A198    Application/Ind. Sect./Version/Status
A200    IS-M: Contract Standing: Book.Unit/Content Comp./Contract UM
A201    IS-M: Contract Standing: Booking Unit/Contract UM
A202    IS-M: Contract Standing: Content Component/Contract UM
A203    IS-M: Contract Standing: Contract Unit of Measure
A205    IS-M: Contract Standing: Book.Unit/Cont.Comp./ Contrct Curr.
A206    IS-M: Contract Standing: Booking Unit/Contract Currency
A207    IS-M: Contract Standing: Content Component/Contract Currency
A208    IS-M: Contract Standing: Contract Currency
A210    IS-M: Commission/Bonus for Media Sales Agent Contract
A211    IS-M: Commission/Bonus - PurchOrg  CBKey
A212    IS-M: DelCtry/BP Tax Classification
A215    Contract header conditions at outline level without plant
A237    IS-M: SOrg/DstChannel/Division/BookUnit/ProcessType
A238    IS-M: Processing Type
A239    IS-M: SOrg/DistChann/Division/Rec.Country/Payment Method
A240    IS-M: SOrg/DstChann/Division/Box Number
A241    IS-M: SOrg/DstChannel/Division/Design Type/Ad Shape
A243    IS-M: Booking Unit/AI Category
A244    IS-M: SO/DC/Dv/BU/TSlce
A245    IS-M: SOrg/DstChannel/Division
A250    IS-M: SOrg/DstChann/Division/Service
A251    IS-M: SOrg/DChannel/Division/Advertiser
A254    Customer or Goods Recipient/Equipment/Material
A255    Customer/Loading Cost Relevance
A256    Customer/Catalog Group 2/Material
A257    Movement Type/Recipient Type
A258    Movement Type/Sender Type/Recipient Type
A259    Movement Type/Sender Type/Recipient Type/Cross
A260    IS-M: DelCtry/TaxC1
A261    IS-M: VAT Country/RecLand/Cust.Tax Classification
A262    IS-M: VAT Country/RecCountry/CustTaxCl/TaxClass
A263    IS-M: DelCtry/Mat.Tax Class.
A264    Customer or Goods Recipient/Document Type
A265    Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material Grp/Material
A266    Standard Dummy Customer/Material Group/Material Number
A267    Customer or Goods Recipient/Equipment Type/Material
A268    Owner/administrator
A269    Equipment Type/Document Type
A270    Euqipment/Document Type
A271    Document Category
A272    Equipment/Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type
A273    Sales org./Distr. chl/Division/Material/Customer/Item
A274    Sales org./Distr. chl/Division/Material/Item
A275    Material/Agreement Data for ATO/MTS Components
A276    Agreement Data and status with agreement search
A277    Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material Group
A278    ETM Material / Activity Type
A279    ETM Goods Recipient/Material/Activity Type
A290    IS-M: Condition Index: Booking Unit
A291    Country/Tax Code
A292    BR: ISS from SD: Ship-to City
A293    Country/Tax Classification 2 for Customer
A300    Statistical value of subcontracting components
A301    Info record type and Incoterms
A302    SD doc./Item/Customer
A303    SD doc./Item/Material/CompMat/CompSup/CompType
A304    Material with release status
A305    Customer/material with release status
A306    Price list category/currency/material with release status
A307    Customer with Release Status
A308    SD doc./Item/Customer/Personnel
A309    SD Doc./Customer/Personnel
A310    Duty rate customs exemption: Importing ctry/Code/Material
A312 no.
A313    SD Doc./Item/Personnel/Sold-to pt/
A315    Cust.duty anti-dumping: Import/Code/Orig.ctry/Manu./Exp./Mat
A316    Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Anti-d. Code
A317    Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Cntry/Code Number/Cntry of Orig.
A320    Third country Duties: Import ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry
A321    Third Country Duty Rate: Import Country/Code
A325    Duties Pharma. Products: Import country/Code/CAS/Material
A326    Pharm. Products Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Pharma. Code
A330    Preferential Cust.Duties: Imp.ctry/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry/Matl
A331    Preference Duty Rate: Import Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Pref. Type
A335    Quota Duty Rate: Imp.ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Proc./Mat/Quota
A336    Quota Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Orig.Ctry/Quota Number
A337    ContractNr/Plant
A338    Purch.doc./Plant
A339    ClsGrp
A340    Foreign Trade: CAP: Restitution rates
A341    Country/Tax Classification 3 for Customer
A342    Country/Tax Classification 2 for Material
A343    Substitução Tributária from SD
A344    ICMS Base Reduction Carrier (Brazil)
A345    Ceiling Duty Rate: Import Country/Orig.Country/Ceiling No.
A346    Country/Dynamic Key 1/Dynamic Key 2/Dynamic Key 3/Tax Group
A347    Country/Ship-From/Ship-To/Key 1/Key 2/Key 3/Tax Group
A348    Country/Ship-From/Ship-To/ST Gr./Key 1/Key 2/Key 3/Tax Group
A349    Country/Ship-To/Material No.
A350    Sales org.
A352    ST Code/Post.code/PlntRegion
A353    ST Code/Region/PlntRegion
A354    Country/Region/PlntRegion
A355    Jur. code
A356    Country/PlntRegion/ST Code/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat
A357    Country/Plant/Ctrl code
A358    Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Material
A359    Plant/Matl group
A360    Location / Service type / Material - Street price
A361    LocationID/Material - Street price
A362    Country/NBM-NCM Code
A363    Plant/Vendor/Material
A364    Trading contract/vendor/material
A365    Trading contract/vendor/material
A367    Country/Plant/Region/Material
A368    Country/PlntRegion/Region/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat
A369    Country/Plant/Ctrl code/TaxCl1Cust
A370    Customer/Service
A371    Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Ship-to
A372    Sales org./Ref.doc./Ref.item
A373    Country/Plant/Material
A374    Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl3Cust/TaxCl.3Mat
A375    Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl2Cust/TaxCl.2Mat
A376    Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl4Cust/TaxCl.4Mat
A382    Country/Doc. Ty./Ship-From/Ship-To/Key 1/Key 2/Key 3/Tax Gr.
A383    Category/Partner/Material
A384    Category/Material
A385    Sales Org./DChann./Division/Material/Status/Proc.Status
A386    Sales Org./Dist.Chl./Division/Sold-To Pty
A388    Country/Tax Class.-Customer
A389    Country/Partner/Tax Class.-Customer
A390    Brazil: 100% reversals
A392    Country
A393    Country/Vendor
A394    Country/Ship-to Location
A395    Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type
A396    Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type/Material
A397    Arg.: Tax relevant classification
A399    Withholding tax code - country-specific
A400    IS-H: External Physician Discount § BPflV Per Service (A400)
A401    IS-H: Personal Item Discount §8 BPflV Per Service     (A401)
A402    SalesOrg/DistribCh/SDContractNo/Material
A403    SalesOrg/DistribCh/SDContractNo/Plant/Material
A404    Customer/Material/Plant
A405    ContractNr/Well/WC/Material
A406    Plant/material
A407    Route, Loading Point, Discharge Point
A408    Carrier
A409    Carrier, Bulk Shipment Type, Depart. Point, Dest. Point
A410    Customer/ Plant/ Material/ Base Product
A411    ContractNr/MP ID/Material
A412    Vendor/Plant/Material/Base Product
A413    Carrier, vehicle type
A414    Carrier, Bulk Shipment Type
A415    Carrier, Bulk Shipment Type, Destination Tariff Zone
A416    PRA Pricing - Contract, Well, Well Completion, Material
A417    ContractNr/Material
A418    Sales org.
A419    ED pricing/Origin/Tax Group/Handl.Type/Orig.reg.
A420    SalesOrg/DistCh/CustGrp/ProdHier/PricDRC
A421    SalesOrg/DistCh/CustGrp/Plant/ProdHier/PricDRC
A422    DRC: Sales Area/Material/Wide Area Pricing
A423    Customer Specific Tax (FOB)
A424    Exception for States  (FOB)
A425    State Tax FOB
A426    State Tax on delivered goods
A427    Veh.type
A428    SalesOrg/DistChann/CustGrp/DRCMetrInd/ProdHier
A429    DRC: Sales Area/Material/State License Fee Zone
A430    DRC: Sales Area/Material/DRC Country
A431    DRC: Sales Area/Material/DRC Region
A432    DRC: Sales Area/Material/DRC Country/DRC Region
A433    Customer Specific Tax (FOB) - Federal
A434    Incoterms / Material group 2 - Federal
A435    Sales org./Distr. chl/Customer/Material/DRM Agr No/DRM Itm
A436    Agreement data in combination with Agreement search
A437    Material/Customer/Agreement data
A438    PRA Pricing - Contract, Measurement Point, Material
A439    Material/Agreement data
A440    PRA Pricing - Contract, Material
A442    Full Rate Excise Duty Company/Plant/Tax Group
A443    Red Rate Exc Duty Comp/Plant/Tax Group/Handling Type
A444    Two-step transfer with tracking sign
A445    Material
A446    IS-M/SD: Network for Postal Shipping
A447    IS-M/SD: Settlement Number for Periodical Post
A448    IS-M/SD: Promotion Rebate for WBZ Company
A449    IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Promotion Rebate
A450    IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Shipping Costs for Country Grouping
A451    Purchase Price
A452    IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Shipping Costs f.Current Delivery Country
A453    IS-M/SD: Advance Payment Discount
A454    IS-M/SD: Sales Promotion Discount
A455    Customer Discount/Title
A456    Conditions Per Publication and Price Group
A457    Subscription Prices for Edition Condition Grouping
A458    IS-M/SD: Employee Renewal Commission
A459    IS-M/SD: Employee Up-Front Commission
A460    Daily Subscription Prices for Edition Condition Grouping
A461    IS-M/SD: Employee Bonus for Sales Promotion
A462    IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Renewal Commission
A463    IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Bonus for Up-Front Comm.
A464    IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement for Up-Front Commission
A465    IS-M/SD: Special Retail Prices for Customer
A466    IS-M/SD: Special Retail Prices
A467    IS-M/SD: Retail Purchase Prices
A468    IS-M/SD: Daily Shipping Costs for Current Delivery Country
A469    IS-M/SD: Daily Shipping Costs for Country Grouping
A470    IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Normal Items
A471    IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Deliverer Sett.for Normal Items: District
A472    IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Deliv.Sett.for Normal Items: Delivery Type
A473    IS-M/SD: Gen.Settlement for Purchasing Org./Service Company
A474    IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Sunday Bonus
A475    IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Path Compensation
A476    IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Public Holiday Bonus
A477    IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Night Work Bonus
A478    IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Run Compensation
A479    IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Key Bonus
A480    IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - District Flat Rate
A481    IS-M/SD: Daily Purchase Prices
A482    IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Bonus for Up-Front Comm.
A483    IS-M/SD: Payment Method for Employee Bonus for Up-Front Com.
A484    IS-M/SD: Employee Commission Deposit
A485    IS-M/SD: SC Hand Delivery Settlement - Normal Item
A486    IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Del.Type f.SC Hand Del.Sett. - Normal Item
A487    IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Bonuses (Inserts/Weight)
A488    IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Sunday Bonus
A489    IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Path Compensation
A490    IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Public Holiday Bonus
A491    IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Night Work Bonus
A492    IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Run Compensation
A493    IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Key Bonus
A494    IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - District Lump Sum
A495    Postal Charges, Inserts in Postal Dist.Items (Insert Type)
A496    Postal Charges for Postal Dist.Items (Publication Frequency)
A497    Postal Charges (Postal Package Type)
A498    Postal Charges (Postal Package Type, Type Variant)
A499    Postal Settlement Indicators
A4AA    Purch. Org./Supplier/Plant/Info Record/Material/Segment
A4AB    Number
A4AC    Sales org./Distr. Chl/ChargeCode
A4AD    Purch.Org./ChargeCode
A4AE    Requirement Segment Price
A4AF    Stock Segment Price
A4AG    Stock Segment Price (Vendor Specific)
A4AH    Stock Segment price
A4BA    S.Org./DChan/BPartner/Material/ATyp
A4BB    S.Org./DChan/BPartner/Material/ATyp/Variant
A501    ServcAgent/Incoterms
A502    Access via Sales organization / Material
A503    Access to sales organization
A504    SalesOrg/DistrChannel/Currency/SalesDocType
A505    Access to plant and material
A506    Access to Plant
A507    External agent/Shipping point
A508    ServcAgent/Ship.type
A512    Test table (material/vendor)
A513    Test
A514    ServcAgent/Ship.type
A515    Test
A516    Test
A517    Test
A518    Test
A519    ServcAgent/Suppl. 3
A520    All allowed fields in application KA (customer orders)
A521    Campaign/Material
A522    Test
A523    Camp. ID/Matl grp 1
A524    Camp. ID/Customer/Material
A525    Camp. ID/Customer/Matl grp 1
A526    Test
A527    Test
A528    Test
A529    Test
A530    Test
A531    Test
A532    Test
A533    Test
A534    Test
A535    Test
A536    Test
A537    Test
A538    Test
A539    Test
A540    Test
A541    Test
A542    Test
A543    test
A544    IS-B: Contingencies per product group, variant 2
A545    Test
A546    Test Bill Swisher 546
A547    IS-B: Contingencies by credit risk/Bank prod.grp/Country
A548    IS-B: Contingencies by credit risk
A549    IS-B: Contingencies by product group "bank"
A550    Country-dependent condition table
A555    Example table
A567    Export Taxes
A570    Surcharge records for contingencies
A599    SD doc./Item/Variant
A600    IDES_Global Agreement for Valuation, depend on the Catagory
A601    Plant/Customer
A610    Valuation for Campaign
A611    Sun.Vine Commission Rates
A612    Sun.Vine - Contingency Rate
A627    Controlling area/Surcharge type
A631    Appl./Version/Status
A633    Sales Org/Distribution Channel/Division/Shipping Conditions
A634    Camp. ID/Material
A635    Camp. ID/PH1/PH2/PH3
A636    Camp. ID/Matl grp 1
A637    Camp. ID
A640    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/Material/Grid Value
A641    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Grid Value
A649    Test
A651    Camp. ID/Material
A652    Camp. ID/PH1/PH2/PH3
A653    Camp. ID/Matl grp 1
A666    Division/Material
A667    SD Doc./Item/Material
A668    SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Grade
A669    SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Country
A670    SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Country/Grade
A671    SD Doc./Item/Material
A678    Test
A683    Test
A687    Division/Customer
A700    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID/Customer
A701    Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID
A702    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID
A706    Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID/Customer
A707    Sales org./Distr. Chl/TG/Material
A710    Surcharge/TradeLane/ServiceType/ContainerTypeSize
A711    Surcharge/TradeLane/ServiceType/POL/ContainerTypeSize
A712    Surcharge/TradeLane/ServiceType/POD/ContainerTypeSize
A720    Trade Lane/POR - City/POD - City/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A721    TradeLane/POR-Countr/POD-Countr/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A722    TradeLane/POR - City/POD-Countr/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A723    TradeLane/POR-Countr/POD - City/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A724    TradeLane/POL/POD/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A726    Controlling Group/Surcharge type/Cost center
A728    Cost accounting group/Surcharge type/Type of cost center
A730    TradeLane/ServiceType/ContainerTypeSize
A731    TradeLane/ServiceType/POL/ContainerTypeSize
A732    TradeLane/ServiceType/POD/ContainerTypeSize
A739    Test
A740    SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR - City/POD - City/Shpg Cond./Variant
A741    SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD-Countr/Shpg Cond./Variant
A742    SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR - City/POD-Countr/Shpg Cond./Variant
A743    SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD - City/Shpg Cond./Variant
A744    SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POL/POD/Shpg Cond./Variant
A755    Sales Org. \ D.C. \ Price Group
A783    dddd
A789    ztztz
A796    ServcAgent/DepPostCde/RecipCntry
A797    ServcAgent/DestCtry/DepPostCde
A799    ServcAgent/DepPostCde/DestCtry/DestRegion
A800    Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Incoterms
A801    Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Ship-to Party
A802    Appl./AgreemntNo/Version/Status
A803    Appl./AgreemntNo/Busi. Type/Segment/Version/Status
A805    ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest
A810    ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest/FreightCl.
A815    ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/FreightCl.
A816    ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TargPostCd
A817    ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TargPostCd/FreightCl.
A818    ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/DepPostCde
A819    ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/DepPostCde/FreightCl.
A820    Advanced Returns Management - Customer Return Reason
A821    Advanced Returns Management - Returns Refund Code
A826    Test
A840    Appl./AgreemntNo/Branch/Module/Version/Status
A841    Appl./AgreemntNo/Branch/AgreeCat/Version/Status
A844    Appl./AgreemntNo/Version/Status
A845    Rateplan Traffic Voice and Data Usage - YTEL05
A846    Traffic Type Traffic Voice and Data Usage - YTEL05
A850    Branch dependent valuation
A851    Branch and Agreement category dependent valuation
A860    Appl./Class/Version/Status
A867    Test
A870    Appl./AgreemntNo/Std.Con.No/Version/Status
A871    Monthly Incentive Target
A872    Monthly Transaction Target
A873    YTD Accelerator
A880    Appl./Rate Plan/Version/Status
A881    YTEL01 - Product Multiplier
A882    YTEL01 - Term Multiplier
A883    YTEL01 - Discount Multiplier
A884    YTEL01 - Listprice Multiplier
A885    YTEL01 - Margin Multiplier
A896    Complex Target
A900    Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Variant
A901    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt/Region
A902    Plant/Rep.Mat.#/Partner PC
A903    Plant/Material/Partner PC
A904    Appl./AgreemntNo/Divis./Contr. no./RemBusTrCt/Version/Status
A905    Appl./AgreemntNo/Contr. no./RemBusTrCt/Version/Status
A907    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt
A909    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt/Incoterms/Inco. 2
A910    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Ship-to/Incoterms/Inco. 2
A915    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Matl Group
A920    Organisation/Practice/Grade
A921    Organisation/Practice/Client/Grade
A922    Organisation/Practice/Client/Fee Earner
A923    Organisation/Practice/Matter/Grade
A924    Organisation/Practice/Matter/Fee Earner
A925    Camp. ID/Shpg Cond.
A930    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division/ (Media)
A933    Sales Organization/Incoterms
A936    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Shpg Cond./Incoterms/Plant/Ship-to
A940    Country/region/customer Classif.2/Material Classification 2
A941    Country/Region/TaxClass2-Cust/TaxClass2-Matl
A942    Country/Region/TaxClass2-Cust./Taxclass2-Matl
A943    Sales org./Distr. Chl
A944    Sales org./Distr. Chl/
A945    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Shp.Cond./Dest. Ctry/Region
A946    Sales org./Distr. Chl/TG
A947    Sales Org/Distr.Channel/Shipping Conditions
A950    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/PH1/PH2/PH3
A951    Sales org./Distr. Chl/HierarchyNode/Material
A952    Sales org./Distr. Chl/HierarchyNode/PH1/PH2/PH3
A960    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Shp.Cond./Dest. Ctry/Region
A963    Sales Org/Distr.Channel/Shipping Conditions
A972    Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material/WBS Element
A973    Sales ORg/Distr Chan/Material/WBS Elm/PersNr
A976    Sales Org/DistrChannel/Customer/Material/Personnel NR
A980    Price Determination Based on Incoterms
A981    Material
A982    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Country
A983    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Grade
A984    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Country/Grade
A985    Customer/Material/Billable/Country/Grade
A986    Customer/Material/Billable/Country
A987    Customer/Material/Billable/Grade
A988    Customer/Material
A990    CoCode/Dest. Ctry/Material
A991    ServcAgent/Dlv.Prior./TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest
A992    DepPostCde/FreightCl.
A993    DepPostCde/MatlFrtGrp
A994    SD doc./
A995    Sales Doc./Item/Pers.No.
A996    Sales org./Distr. Chl/Shp.Cond./TG
A997    Sales document/MnItm PrcRefMatl/Personnel Number
A999    Camp. ID/Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division/Material , KBA , SD-MD-CM , Conditions and Condition Maintainance , SD-SLS-GF-RE , Reporting , Problem

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