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3386190 - Sales Quote/Order Can Be Saved If Involved Party of Unique Aspect is Added More Than Once


You are working with sales quotes/orders and you added an involved party of 'unique' characteristic (set in business configuration) more than once. You see an error message but you can still save your sales document anyway and you would like to prevent this.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales work center.
  2. Select the Sales Quotes/Sales Orders work center view.
  3. Click in the + icon to create a new sales quote/order.
  4. Maintain the required information.
  5. Click in Save and Open.
  6. In the Involved Parties facet/section, maintain party ABC (where ABC is a party flagged as 'Unique' in Sales Quotes/Sales Orders business configuration fine-tuning activity) more than once.
  7. Click in the save button.
  8. Message "Please use not more than 1 party(ies) of role ABC ..." appears .

Despite error message, sales document was saved.


A sales quote/order becomes inconsistent due to errors caused by party processing (like this scenario above) and this blocks certain follow-up transactions. You can check the 'Consistency Status' field at sales document header (it may be hidden via adaptation mode). 

In case the user creates the sales document in a way this kind of error is raised, there is still time to correct the problem in a later stage as clarifications might be needed.

If C4C blocked the saving of sales quote/order in such situation, other details maintained would be lost. A challenge to this requirement is also that the context for creating a sales quote/order in a quick create popup window would not allow to correct the error right away (in quick create itself); only after saving the sales quote/order a user could, for example, maintain the parties in the 'Involved Parties' facet/section. This is also valid for parties of 'mandatory' aspect defined in business configuration.


This is the system current standard behavior. Our Product Managers do not plan to change this either.

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