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3389475 - New Learning Experience: New Home Page, Search, and Recommendations


The New Learning Experience provides changes/updates to the home page, search, and recommendations in the 2H 2023 release. This KBA will provide further information on this topic, as well an FAQ section.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning



Home Page:



Limitations/Expected Behaviors:

Note: The information provided in this section are either expected behavior or limitations of the current version of the system. To change any limitation or expected behavior, please follow the enhancement request process along with monitoring the latest What's New Viewer and Roadmap.

Home Page:

  • The Home Page feature toggle is sticky and will remember the current users preference. If New Learning Experience switch default setting: is set to off, this will be the display for Users upon first login. If they have already toggled the feature on changing this setting will not overwrite the Users preference.
  • The following will not be present:
    • Optional Surveys
    • Follow-Up Surveys
    • Assignments that aren’t self-assigned and required checkbox isn’t enabled (Optional Items will not display)
    • Custom Pages
    • Custom Tiles
    • To Do section with Approvals
    • My Team and My Classes links (Users are able to disable the New Learning Experience to still have access)
    • Standard tiles such as Learning History and Links (Users are able to disable the New Learning Experience to still have access)


  • The following will not be present:
    • Calendar View
    • Customizing filters such as the ones maintained in the LIBRARY configuration


  • The following will not be present:
    • Admin Recommendations via Assignment Profile
    • Gamification points for peer suggestions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

More information can be seen here, select questions are placed in this knowledge base article.

Home Page:

  • Why is the search text box not showing up?
    • The user may not have the proper "Access Advanced Library Search" permission.
  • Is the "learningPlanRequiredItemsDisplayThreshold" config honored? (found in Learning Administration -> System Administration -> Configuration -> System Configuration -> "USER LEARNING PLAN") 
    • This setting is not honored by the new Home Page and is not currently on the road map. It is expected that Required items in the future will be displayed. Please submit an enhancement request for this to be added in the future.
  • How is the Required Learning section sorted?
    • Entities are sorted in the reverse chronological order of Required Date and if it's a Class it uses the Start Date, then Assignment Date (if there is no Required Date), and then entities with no required date. If Items have the same due date, Curricula will take precedence.
  • Can labels be modified?
    • Please follow the instructions outlined in KBA 2913764
  • Are users able to utilize the old/legacy home page if there are limitations on the New Home Page?
    • Yes, users can toggle which view on the home page on the top right hand corner of the page. The default view can be controlled via the System Administration > Application Administration > Integrated Learning Settings.
  • Why are users not able to see the New Learning Experience toggle?
    • There are two common scenarios:
      • The user is labeled as "external". If the user is integrated, meaning they access the system through HXM/BizX, the user's shopping account type must be set to "internal". Go to Learning Administration > People > Users > access the user record > Finance tab > change the Shopping Account Type field to Internal.
      • The toggle is at the very top right hand corner and depending on how the Learning landing page is configured, users might have to scroll over to see the toggle. Go to System Administration > Application Administration > Landing Page Settings > Select the Settings option in the page. Modify the Screen display width to fit the the smallest resolution of the monitor's that your company utilizes.
  • Why do the bookmarks data differ from legacy landing page and new learning experience page?
    • This is expected behavior. The legacy landing page only supports bookmarks for quick guides, collections and external links; whereas the new learning experience allows bookmarking for most entities. Thus, the view can be different.
  • Can we change the color of the orange Overdue or Due Today icons?
    • The color of these components can't be changed.


  • Why does searching with a blank value not work like before?
    • We are supporting more fields users can search by like skills and competencies (attributes), categories, and instructors and maintaining the old fields to search by like entity ID, description, and title. We expect that people will have something in mind when they are searching and they will get better results due to this new framework for how results are found.
  • Can the filters be modified?

    • Modifying the LIBRARY configuration will only update the legacy search page. Filters returned in the results are relevant to what was searched for. 
  • Where did the Language setting for the search results go?
    • There is no language filter in the enhanced search experience today. Users can search across all languages regardless of their locale. Results will show based on the relevance of the keyword entered by the user compared to learning activities in their library.
  • Since the Language/Locale setting was removed, can users search for any language?
    • As long as the courses in the libraries associated to the user have translations, depending on the keyword(s) used the search results will provide the best match. If the course has a title in only one locale, it will only display in that locale.
  • How does multiple translations on a course display to the user in the search results?
    • The search logic:
      • The results will show the title of the learning activity that has the best match.
      • In case there is no best match, the system will show the title in the users locale.
      • In case the users locale is not available for the learning, the entity ID will be displayed instead of a title.  
    • If discrepancies are noticed for course details, home page, search results, and bookmarks, these utilize differing logic on what is presented to the user.
  • How are price and currency displayed to the user in the new search?
    • Price will be displayed in accordance with the user's locale by default. If a user selects a specific currency within the currency filter then the price in the results will reflect the currency selected. For example, If a user had USD selected but now selects EUR they will see the price in the results show EUR.
  •  How does the Price filter work on the new search?
    • Users can only enter an upper limit for price ie: price up to X value assuming the lower limit will be zero and that we should not hide free learnings even if the price filter is being used. In the case where a user does not select a currency and tries to use the price filter, the following will happen, the value will be searched across all all currencies that are contained in the results. For example, if you have USD, EUR, RMB results and you input "up to 20" into the price filter the system will look for results up to 20 for all of the currencies it has in its results. To resolve this a user should select a currency before using the price filter.
  • Are hierarchies for Categories shown?
    • The new search experience does not have hierarchies any longer.
  • Does the "browse all courses" option associated to the catalogBrowseEnabled setting work with the new search experience?
    • This setting only impacts the legacy search/library.


  • Can employees provide feedback for their recommendations?
    • Employees can provide positive or negative feedback on the recommendations by bookmarking or marking a learning as not interested respectively
  • Why am I not seeing the option to enable personalized recommendations in admin center?
    • Personalized recommendations will have a staggered release to Preview and Production. We will provide more details on the staggered release as they become available.
  • I have enabled recommendations in admin center but I am not able to see any recommendations?
    • Personalized learning recommendations can take around 2 to 8 days to appear on the new Learning home page, based on system load. Please also ensure all the configurations mentioned in the guide are complete.
  • What are some of the best practices to ensure personalized recommendations?
    • In order to extract the maximum value out of personalized recommendations, ensure the following:
      1. For ensuring that learning AI recommendations incorporates skills and competencies from Growth Portfolio: 
        • Turn on the Talent Intelligence Hub/Migrate as applicable
        • Admins need to ensure quality data for skills, competencies, and attributes in TIH (Talent Intelligence Hub), as well associate these attributes with the learning activities
        • Users should maintain their skills and other attributes in Growth Portfolio
      2. Maintain good data quality in Learning
        • Specify meaningful Item Titles and Descriptions
        • Associate Item Title and Description localized labels with the correct Locale ID
        • Specify Course Duration
        • Enable Item Rating feature
        • Use contextual thumbnails, rather than a default one for a better user experience
        • Ensure users have job code, location, manager, and organization
      3. Ensure Employee Central has the user’s profile data
        • Ensure users have job code, location, manager, and organization


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