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3391857 - Impact of Users with Multiple Employments when Employee Central is Decommissioned


In case of decommission of Employee Central with continued usage of a SuccessFactors Module (such as Performance and Goals, Succession, Recruiting, learning) in the existing Instance in which Employee Central and other modules were used, customers who had employees with Rehire on New Employment or Concurrent Employment may experience login error in case one of the “old” users become active again. It is not supported that inactive users, that were once linked to the same Person (Employee Central Person ID) of current “talent” users (users to be used by modules immediately post EC decommission) become again active post-Employee Central decommission.


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Therefore, customers who decommission Employee Central but wish to continue to use a further SuccessFactors Module in this same instance, must chose for each employee(person) a UserID (the currently active or primary one) to use going forward for the talent solutions. The “key mapping” / assignment mapping /employee mapping / user mapping between the source of HR data (HRIS System) and the SF Employee Profile must be maintain to reflect our recommended mapping for SF Talent-only landscapes: to map a person of the HRIS system (e.g. CP object) to the SF User/assignment.  Post Employee Central decommission, shall an employee need a new contract (a new assignment/employment) in the HR system of record, the data attributes of this new / main contract needs to be posted into the same “chosen” SuccessFactors talent UserID.

Our standard “Talent Hybrid” integration is based on the person mapping concept mentioned above. See chapter “Mapping of SuccessFactors Fields for Employee Data to SAP ERP” of document: Integration Add-On for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors HCM Suite in this page:

Here is a more detailed explanation of can lead to the above unsupported scope:

If a customer, post-decommission, implements for example the standard SAP Talent Hybrid Integration (the integration from SAP ERP HCM into the Employee Profile (user sys info) or a similar integration with same principles) based on non-standard recommended mapping (PERNR to User ID, instead of CP to User ID).

In case of above condition, user access errors in SuccessFactors will arise if customer has these use cases:

  1. Concurrent employment: an employment (pernr/user #2) that was secondary and active during EC usage is now inactive in employee profile post decommission. Then, this user#2  (e.g. equivalent PERNR) becomes the primary employment in the HRIS system; the above-explained integration setup (the non-recommended approach) will re-activate the SF employee profile user#2 whose “is primary” technical flag is set to  “No” in the database.  Consequently, the integration will set user#1 to inactive (or this is done manually so that this user#1 cannot login anymore). This leads to a login error: when the user account connected to this user#2 tries to login, the system finds that the user which is active for this login account is not flagged as “primary user” but an inactive user (user#1) linked to this account is flagged as primary user.

  2. Rehire on new employment for the purpose of international or national transfer (legal entity change) before decommission and subsequent rehire(reuse) post-decommission of the old employment in a former country or legal entity: this will reactivate the old user ID which has “is primary” = no -  similar to point 1. the login error in point 1 will occur.

  3. Return of global assignment to home (same issue as 2): this will reactivate the old user ID which has “is primary” = no. the login error in point 1 will occur.

  4. In summary, any other event that makes an inactive employment be activated in the above fashion will cause the above errors.


Example Diagrams: 

  1. Employee in Concurrent employment during EC Usage“

  2. Employee Central gets deactivated, integration with Payroll system and EC is switched off. Employee remains working (Active) in real life on all 4 employments, there is no termination yet of any of those 4 employments.
  3.  An integration between the HR system of record and EP (for example: SAP Talent hybrid) is set up by mapping the PERNR (or equivalent in origin system) to USER ID (this is contrary to the standard of mapping the CP (Central Person or equivalent in source HR system) to our User ID. Independently of the ID mapping (in talent hybrid this can be manipulated via badi), Talent Hybrid integration only sends HR data attributes of the PERNR set as active in IT712 (in this case of PERNR 00000002) to the mapped user (even in CP mapping) 

  4. Employee gets contract 00000002 terminated in real life
    This causes infotype 712 to switch main employment to Pernr 00000001. 
  5. With the correct standard mapping, the User 00000002 will continue to be used and there is no reactivation/deactivation of users and no errors related to assignment changes in HR system happens.


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