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3393108 - Execution Sequence in Manage Substitution and Validation Rules-Journal Entries.


How is the sequence of execution for substitution rules determined in Manage Substitution and Validation Rules?




The sequence of the rules being executed in the Substitution / Validation Rule tool is determined by the following algorithm:

 A topological ordering of all rules is performed based on the dependencies given by the accessed fields. This means, that a rule substituting a field is always executed before another rule reads the same field. If several rules substitute the same field, the conflicting rules are executed in alphabetical order. By choosing the name of a rule accordingly, you can influence the execution sequence.

If you manage to create a cyclical dependency between rules that read and write the same field, the rule execution aborts with an error. This means, there is no predefined rule execution sequence you can enforce per se.
We choose this approach because we expected that adding a new rule into a sequence of existing rules is a complex and error-prone task, as you have to be aware of all rule dependencies. Since the rule engine can see all dependencies, this is something which the user should not do manually. As mentioned above, by choosing an appropriate name the rule execution sequence can be influenced, but overruling the topological ordering is not possible.

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