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3393805 - Not authorized to use transaction VL10CUA/VL10CUV


Error 'Not authorized to use transaction VL10CUA/VL10CUV' occurs while trying to enter 'User Role' tab in 'Due for Delivery' applications.




From a technical perspective, all these applications offer a different perspective on the same underlying program for collective delivery processing (former transaction VL10). Each app / perspective corresponds to a 'scenario', offered as an entry point (My Sales Orders Due, My Items Due, My Purchase Order Schedule Lines due etc.). Check the available scenarios in SSCUI 105502 - "Assignment of List Profile to Delivery Scenario". The list profiles control, which documents are selected for delivery creation and are assigned to a corresponding scenario.

Many of list profile settings are fixed in S4HANA Cloud, but are visible on the tab User Role in these applications. In one of the previous releases, a limited selection of this User Role / List Profile Configuration has been made accessible in SSCUI 105501 - Configure List Profile, allowing to copy one of the existing profiles and making limited changes.

In each of the applications, the buttons 'Role' & 'Scenario' as well as the corresponding input fields have been disabled, since the scenario is already fixed for each of the given apps ('My Sales Orders Due' > Role / Scenario 0001, 'My Items Due' >> Role / Scenario 0103 and so on).


There is configuration activity 105501 - Configure List Profile and 105502 - Assignment of List Profile to Delivery Scenario where limited customizing is available for the list profiles. So the predefined roles can also be configured, with limited changes.


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