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3394099 - Open Task "Check Expired Purchasing Contract" but Contract is Not Expired


There is an open task "Check Expired Purchasing Contract", but the purchasing contract is not expired.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Sourcing and Contracting work center.
  2. Open Contracts view.
  3. There is an open task: Check Expired Purchasing Contract.
  4. Open this contract, the Expiry Status is Not Expired.
  5. Navigate to Items tab, the Item Expiry Status is Expired.
  6. Navigate to Changes tab, there is a record: Changed by Technical User (SAP_SYSTEM); Item Expiry Status changed from Not Expired to Expired.


System runs a job every day to check whether a contract is expired on both contract level and item level. Except Valid From/To, system also checks:

  • Whether target value on both contract level and item level are exceeded.
  • Whether target quantity on both contract level and item level are exceeded.

The system considers the parameters on contract level and item level separately. Specifically, if quantity/net value in related purchase order exceed Target Quantity/Value on item level but not on contract level, system would only set the item to Expired, but the contract itself is still Not Expired.

For example, there is a contract, in which Target Value for the whole contract is 100,000.00 USD, and on item level it is 5,000.00 USD.
In the purchase order created according to this contract, Net Value of the item is 6,500.00 USD. Then this contract remains Not Expired, but the item would be Expired.


If the item is expired because of the target value/quantity, user can reactivate it by adjusting target value/quantity on item level so that it will not be exceeded by purchase order(s).

After adjusting the number and saving the change, system would set the item to Not Expired during the everyday run. It's better to make adjustment at an early time during a day and check the contract next day.

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