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3395793 - Error: “IBAN is invalid” While Maintaining the IBAN in Business Partner


Using the app Manage Business Partner Master Data, upon trying to add IBAN for a Business Partner with bank in country AO, system throws the error:

IBAN is invalid



Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the app Manage Business Partner Master Data
  2. Find and open any Business Partner ID
  3. Select Go
  4. Open the record and go to the tab Bank Accounts
  5. Select the button Create to add a new Bank Account
  6. Fill the below fields:
  7. ID: 0001
  8. Bank Country/Region: Angola (AO)
  9. IBAN: AO060xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Select Save

System throws the error

where AO060xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx represents the IBAN
AO represents the Bank Country Angola
XYZ represents the Bank Name
0060xxxx represents the Bank Number


The error is due to the customizing setup in the SSCUI 102592 - Set Country-Specific Checks and also in the Bank information maintained in the app Manage Banks.


There is a lot of country-specific IBAN converter modules in the system, but for the mostly used countries only. In case of exotic countries, especially the ones not having introduced the IBAN officially yet, like Angola for example, there is the generic converter being called instead. 

The country specific modules do contain hard-coded logic, regarding how long a Bank Number is and where it is located in the IBAN. The generic module is getting this information from the country specific settings. That is why you just need to setup the values for all relevant countries and then can enter an IBAN from any country, not needing to have the specific module installed in your system. 

The values for the officially registered IBAN countries are listed in KBA 1012293. By an exotic country you need to search the Internet. 

When there is already a bank with the Bank number 60xxxx (Bank Number, not only the Bank Key) existing in your system, the generic conversion routine could then also find it, but in this case the checking rule for the Bank Number should be 2 (you have most probably used the recommended value 4). 

The difference is even the handling of the leading zeroes. The checking rule 4 is the exact length, so the value 0060xxxx should be derived from the IBAN, before looking into the bank master data. The rule 2 is the maximum length, so the leading zeroes would be suppressed and the process would search for a bank with the bank number 60xxxx 

To be able to enter the mentioned IBAN, follow the below steps in your system: 

In the SSCUI 102592 - Set Country-Specific Checks, setup as below:

  • Bank number length to 8, Checking Rule 4 (or 2)
  • Bank Account Number length to 13, Checking Rule 4 (or 2) 

Using the app Manage Banks, create a new Bank as follows: 

  • Bank Country: AO
  • Bank Key: 0060xxxx
  • Bank Name: XYZ (to be checked)
  • SWIFT/BIC: YYYYYYYYYYY (to be checked)
  • Bank Number: 0060xxxx (important) 

After this, the system should accept the given example IBAN.

See Also

1012293 - IBAN and maintenance of bank master data


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