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3395837 - Unable to Delete the IBAN From the Bank Accounts in the Business Partner Master Data


Your requirement is to remove the IBAN from respective Bank Accounts and keep only Bank Account number. But the system keeps auto populating IBAN once an Employee vendor/Supplier was created with an IBAN. Using the apps Manage Supplier Master data, you removed the bank details, saved the data, recreated the bank master record but the IBAN auto populates.



Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to app Manage Supplier Master Data
  2. Search for any Business Partner ID
  3. Select Edit
  4. Go to tab Bank Accounts
  5. Select the Bank Account and navigate to more details
  6. In the field IBAN, delete the entry
  7. Select Apply
  8. Select Save
  9. IBAN is still available 


  1. Go to app Manage Supplier Master Data or Manage Customer Master Data
  2. Search for any Business Partner ID
  3. Select Edit
  4. Go to tab Bank Accounts
  5. Select the Bank Account
  6. Select Delete
  7. Select Apply
  8. Select Save
  9. In the Bank Accounts section, use the Create button Recreate the Bank Account data
  10. Select Apply
  11. Select Save
  12. IBAN is still available


The IBAN is a shared object with the key consisting of the Bank Key and Account Number. Once entered, it always appears, whenever the same Bank Key and Account Number has been entered. This is correct and intended, when the IBAN has been assigned to an Account Number in the same bank details.


You may improve the DME creation so that the Account number will get prioritized and/or the IBAN suppressed. When the bank will change the rules next year, for instance, you would then suddenly urgently need to put all the missing IBANs back. 

To avoid this assignment, you have to enter the IBAN only, without any Account Number. When needed, the Account Number can be entered separately in another bank details of the same Business Partner. The payment program can then choose the right bank details correctly, depending to the Payment Method settings. 

Besides, to enter the IBAN without any Account Number is always the recommended way. To add an IBAN to bank details, already containing the Account Number, should be done in very exceptional cases only. The same is for deriving any Account Number from the IBAN into the same bank details. 

When a Payment Method really requires the Account Number only, it has to be customized in that way. When the bank is rejecting a DME file containing the IBAN instead of the Account Number, even against the format rules, the DME file creation has to be improved accordingly, and not the master data. 

As an alternative solution, you can create a copy of the related bank, having the same Bank Number (Sort Code) and/or SWIFT/BIC, but a different Bank Key. Then remove the unwanted bank details from the Business Partner data and enter the Account Number together with the new Bank Key. As there is no IBAN assigned to this combination of Bank Key and Account Number yet, it will not auto-populate. But the only solution is to configure the DME file creation to match the rules required by your bank.


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