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3397029 - Error: “Error while processing the SOAP request. Please check the value of Sender System again” Upon Replicating the Business Partners From SAP S/4HANA Cloud to Client


Using the app Replicate by Object Selection, you are replicating the Business Partners to the external system. Upon executing the replication, the system throws the error:

Error while processing the SOAP request. Please check the value of Sender System again.



Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the app Replicate by Object Selection
  2. Business Object Type: Business Partner including Relationships
  3. Partner: XXXXXX
  4. Target System Selection: System ID: XYZ
  5. Select the entry and click on the button Replicate
  6. System processes the replication, but in the Message Monitoring app, BP_OUT generated error message.

where XXXXXX represents the Business Partner ID
XYZ represents the Target System


The issue may be due to the below reasons:

  1. Incorrect service key configured in Communication Arrangement of S/4HANA Cloud for SAP_COM_0008
  2. SenderBusinessSystemID is the payload is not same as Business System ID maintained in the service instance.


  1. On the S4/HANA Communication Arrangement for SAP_COM_0008, correct the Client ID and Service key from S4/HANA Cloud service instance.
  2. Check if the SenderBusinessSystemID is same as the Business System ID configured in the Service instance.
  3. Ensure that RecipientBusinessSystemID should be same as the Business System ID configured in Generic Configuration.

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