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3398559 - Case Document: FAQs Related To Code Correction Feature That Is Lost After Merging The Change Project


This knowledge base article lists the frequently asked questions related to Code Correction feature that is lost after merging the change project.


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1. What is Code Correction Feature and What are the pre-requisites?

  • This feature is created by SAP to facilitate any urgent changes which must be implemented during an upgrade window: that is when test and production tenants are on different release.
  • Code Correction Feature is only allowed on either Productive or Pre-Productive tenants where corrections are critical for business continuity.
  • For Production Bug Fix to be enabled Tenant Role Code must be Pre-Production.
  • System purpose defines, how you want to use the tenant as, Standalone test tenant (Pre-Production) or Remote test tenant (Remote change projects). For eg: If the change project is a remote change project, then the system purpose will be test (not pre-production). Hence, Code Correction Feature will be available only in Pre-Production tenants.

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2. What caused the Code Correction Feature to be lost?  

When the First Implementation is in Started Status (which means in Pre-Production state (3/20), the feature is enabled for Code Fix. When the First Implementation Project is closed, the purpose of the system changes which causes the Code Correction feature to be lost. 

Note: 3 refers to the System Purpose i.e. Pre-Production and 20 refers to the Project Status i.e. Started. 

3. How to get the Code Correction Feature back?  

In order to have the Code Correction Feature, the respective tenant should be in First Implementation project with Started status. 

Note: It is always advisable to have the code correction feature in Development environment rather than Test, then deploy it to the upper tenants.

4. Can the Test tenant be used as both Remote Change Project and for Code Correction?   

Test tenant cannot be used for both Remote Change Projects and Code Correction Feature as the system purposes are different.  

Please note, when the purpose of the system is not followed as per the SAP process, then it will lead to data inconsistencies in the system. 

5. What are the pre-requisites of copying a change project which has custom Solution (PDI Solution)?  

  • Whenever you are doing a Solution Profile Copy, then the SDK solution and version should be the same. 

  • Active project in the target tenant should be closed i.e., there should be no open projects in order to accept the Solution Profile Copy from the source tenant. 

6. What is a Standalone System and how to enable Scoping and Fine-Tuning activities?  

Standalone tenant has the same functionality as of Production tenant, but it cannot go Live. Eg: Perform scoping/fine tuning activities, test the same and if it meets the business requirement, then make the same changes to production manually.  

7. What happens after the change project copied from Production to Test system is merged? 

When the change project is Merged and Activated in the target tenant, the connection between the source and the target tenant is disconnected. The final step is to close the project in each tenant manually. 

8. What is Partial Assembly/Partial Deployment?  

Partial assembly is introduced with release 1908, which would allow a user to assemble only changed/added files in a one-off patch solution. This will ensure that the time taken for the solution Lifecycle management processes such as Assembly, Deployment, etc. is reduced since the content files assembled and deployed would be reduced. Such a feature would be highly beneficial if some minor changes are done in the corresponding patch version since that would result in a smaller number of files to be assembled. 

For References: 

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9. What is Local and Remote Change Project and some of the frequently asked questions related to Change Projects?  

Refer to the KBA: 2584005 - Frequently Asked Questions on Business Configuration - Change Projects 

10. What would be the impact if the Change Project that has been merged is not closed?  

There would be no impact since the connection between the source and target system would be disconnected. In order to synchronize the status, it is recommended to close the change project after it has been merged. 


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