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3401978 - 2H 2023 - RightToReturn replication failing


You are replicating RightToReturn data between your systems (e.g. via standard replication "Replicating Employee Master Data and Organizational Assignments from Employee Central to SAP ERP HCM") and wish to find out why it is failing with errors such as:
Could not find property with name: 'rightToReturn'.

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SAP SuccessFactors

Reproducing the Issue

1. Create a mapping to the relevant EC property (e.g. rightToReturn/Position_code). 

2. Execute replication (e.g. via middleware in BIB replication package: "Replicating Employee Master Data and Organizational Assignments from Employee Central to SAP ERP HCM ")
3. Observe WS failure

4. Observe failure in the middleware, error: Could not find property with name: 'rightToReturn'.


Expected behavior



The legacy Right to Return was part of the Position object definition. However, in 2018, we informed you of our plan to deprecate this legacy Right to Return composite data model. The migration to the new data model is a prerequisite for using data protection and privacy functions in Position Management.

The Right to Return feature is now its own object, separate from the Position object. The Right to Return feature provides the option for employees on global assignment or leave of absence to return to their original position based on the organization’s decision.

With the 2H 2023 Major Upgrade, the object RightToReturn had its association to its parent object, Position, removed by the SuccessFactors EC-Position team. 


Q1. I am using a standard integration scenarios between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP ERP HCM (e.g. BIB), how can I replicate rightToReturn?
A1. Currently there is no direct mapping between this new object in SAP SuccessFactors and a corresponding entity in SAP ERP HCM, so please disable the entity on the SAP HCM ERP system.

Q2. Where can I find out more about this change and the new SAP SuccessFactors OData entity: PositionRightToReturn?
A2. Please refer to the OData API Guide: SAP SuccessFactors API Reference Guide (OData V2): PositionRightToReturn

Q3. How should I proceed if I have built a custom replication to the old Position property: RightToReturn?
Please removed the RightToReturn property from your process in order to fix any replication errors and use the PositionRightToReturn entity instead.

Q4. What settings do I have to maintain in SAP SuccessFactors for Right to Return?
A4. Please refer to the reference Guide: Position Management Settings for Right to Return

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