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3419773 - Domain Verification-How to add a new TXT record on DNS & common FAQ


  • How to configure a TXT record on DNS
  • FAQ for domain verification feature in Manage Email Notification

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How to add a new TXT record on DNS——Take Outlook as an example

Step 1. Go to Manage Email Notification -> Manage Domain. Click "Add" button. Then fill the fields and click "Add" button. Please refer to Figure 1 for details.

  • Domain: Enter the domain that is owned by your organization
  • (Optional)Sent Notification Email To: Enter the email address of designated users to receive the result notification that your domain has been verified. You yourself will receive the notification by default so you do not have to enter your own email address.

Figure 1: This image shows the process of adding a domain in the BizX and the related fields in the process.

Starting from Step 2 to Step 3, it is the process of adding a TXT record in DNS. This process needs to be completed by your IT administrator. If you are not the IT administrator, please copy the information from Step 1 and provide it to your IT administrator.

Step 2. Customer IT Administrator goes to the manage domain page and choose related domain. Click "+ Add record" button in DNS record. Please refer Figure 2 for details (this is an example how to add TXT record in Outlook DNS).

Figure 2: This image shows where you should configure the TXT record in Microsoft 365 admin center and the process for adding a TXT record.

*Step 3. Fill the values from Verify Domain Ownership fields into your corresponding DNS configuration page. Please refer to Figure 3 for details.

  • Type: TXT(Text)
  • TXT name: You can leave blank or type in @
  • *TXT value: Click "Copy Record" button to copy the TXT Value from Verify Domain Ownership page, Then fill in the copied TXT Value into your DNS configuration page.

Note: It is strongly recommended to use the 'Copy Record' button instead of manually copying the TXT value as manually copying the TXT value from the Verify Domain Ownership page which will lead missing characters issues.

  • TTL: it is 3600 seconds so you may fill in ½ hours in your DNS page.

Figure 4: This image shows how to fill in the MS365 TXT record.

Step 4. Now you can verify the domain from Manage Domain. From Manage Domain, you will find the  "Status" of the record you added will be set as "Verified". Please refer to Figure 5 for details.


  1. The "In Use" will be Yes after you configure Singer Sender with the verified domain. Otherwise, it will be No.
  2. If "In Use" is No, Delete button will be displayed. Otherwise, Delete button will disappear.

Figure 5: This image displays the content shown on the UI after a successful verification.


Q1: I have added TXT Record into DNS but I still cannot verify the domain from Bizx side. Error message will display "Domain verification failed. Try verifying again after the TXT record has been added to your domain DNS records.". What should I do?


Firstly, please check if you have added a new TXT record separately instead of merging it with other TXT records.

Secondly, please check if the fields in Step 3 are correct, especially the TXT value. Make sure you copied it by clicking the "Copy Record" button.

Finally, if all the fields in Step 3 are correct, please wait for the TXT record to take effect. It will take up to 48 hours (about 2 days) for the DNS update to take effect and the automation process to complete the ownership verification.

Q2: In Step 1, "Sent Notification Email To", whose email should be provided?


-This additional email recipient is not mandatory. You can leave it empty.

- It should not be the email address of who is adding domain because current user will anyway receive success verification notification.

- We expect it is the email of who will configure Single Sender or who should be notified that a new TXT record will be added into your DNS. The notified person can continue to configure Single Sender with a new added domain, or notify proper people to do it.

Q3: If I entered the wrong email address in "Sent Notification Email To" of Step 1, how to change it?


- You can delete the domain and add it again with correct email address before the domain is used for Single Sender. 

- Once a 'Verified' domain has been used for Single Sender, it can't be deleted.

- If the domain status is 'Verified' already, the verification process is completed. These email addresses won't be used anymore.  You don't have to correct the email address.  If you want somebody to be notified, you can contact them directly. 

- When you delete the domain and add it back, you don't need to add TXT DNS record in your DNS again if it was added already because the TXT record will be same for same domain. 

- Click 'Verify Now' for an immediate verification after you delete and add domain again. If the TXT DNS record already take effect, the status will be updated to 'Verified' immediately and the domain verification success email will be sent to current user and the additional email address.

Q4: For the same domain that user added in both SuccessFactors Preview instance and SuccessFactors Production instance, will the TXT record generated be the same or different?

A4: If it is the same customer and same domain, the TXT record will be the same for different tenants.  So normally, you can add one domain in test tenant first, and follow the correct processes to add TXT record in your DNS and pass verification. After that, you can add the domain to production tenant, and click 'Verify Now', you can get 'Verified' status for same domain on production tenant immediately. 

Q5: Due to a certain reason, I deleted domain from Manage Domain in BizX. When I re-add the domain, do I need to reconfigure it on DNS?

A5: The TXT record and the domain are in one-to-one correspondence. This means that you do not need to repeat this step if you have completed this task for other instances owned by your organization. Instead, you can choose 'Verify Now' to complete the verification process.

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