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3426608 - error message "Maximum string length (xxx bytes) exceeded" is displayed on the table in the story


When running a story which is using BW live connection or S/4HANA live connection. The error message below is displayed on the table:

Maximum string length (xxx bytes) exceeded. Diagnosis The current statement attempted to modify an ABAP string in such a way that the maximum string length of xxx is exceeded. This situation can occur in all statements that make strings longer (such as CONCATENATE, REPLACE, or SHIFT LEFT), plus in string expressions and in CALL TRANSFORMATION. Procedure Once the exception CX_SY_STRING_SIZE_TOO_LARGE is caught, the content of the target string is undefined. The target string may already be modified in parts and have reached this size. For this reason it should be initialized once the exception is caught.

And, in st22 below dump can be found:

Category               ABAP programming error
Runtime Errors         STRING_SIZE_TOO_LARGE
Application Component  BW4-AE-API-INA


Termination point information in simple transformation program.
The termination occurred in simple transformation program "BW_BICS_INA_RS================XT". The call was made using CALL TRANSFORMATION from the ABAP program specified below.
In the source code, the termination point is in line 22 of (Include) program "BW_BICS_INA_ARRAY_STRING======XT".


SAP Analytics Cloud 1.0

Reproducing the Issue

Run the story which is using BW live connection or S/4HANA live connection. 




This is a limitation that when query result is quite big, the ABAP XSL Transformation cannot handle this. In addition, large result sets can lead to memory leaks at different layers when processing INA requests and it is always advisable to reduce the result size by setting a safety belt for the result set as mentioned in the SAP Note 2948174

The RSADMIN  parameter "BICS_ABAP_RESULT_SET_LIMIT_MAX" defines the maximum size of the results set that a user can enter manually.
If the result set size is exceeding this maximum size then any further processing of the affected BW query is stopped.
Any value greater than 0 is considered as active safety belt.
Any value which is 0 or less than 0 is considered as inactive safety belt.
To maintain the RSADMIN table it's recommended to use the program "SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN" (transaction SE38) and to create both RSADMIN parameters and to define a proper value.

See Also

SAP Note 2948174 - BICS : Safety belt for large resultsets for BICS InA and oData based clients


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SAP Analytics Cloud 1.0