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3428213 - "Prioritize Front Bar label" does not work with negative variances in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


When using the data label option “Prioritize front bar label” in a chart with a variance in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), it does not work/apply when the variance's values are negative. 


SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise) 2023.21.16

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a new Optimized or classic story.
  2. Add a bar/column chart with 2 measures (measure 'A' and 'B') and a dimension.
  3. Move the measure 'A' bar to the front, select Show As > Layered Bars > Front in the Color section of the Builder panel.
  4. Add a variance comparing the 2 measures and set it to be shown as integrated on measure 'A'.
  5. Select Avoid Data Label Overlap > Prioritize Front Bar Label in the Data Label section of the Styling panel.
  6. Notice that for a positive variance it works, but as soon as a negative variance is shown, it shows the negative variance's value instead of measure 'A' value (Front bar).
    ====> 'Prioritize Front Bar Label' is ignored when the variance is negative.


This issue is currently under investigation by development.


This issue is currently under investigation by development.

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