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3430034 - In consistency with date and time format in Cases within SAP Service Cloud V2


  • Case date/time format inconsistency 
  • In the Cases Work Center:
    • Expectation: "Created On" and "Updated On" date formats should align with DD/MM/YYYY 24-hour format consistently.
    • Current state: The format is MM/DD/YYYY 12-hour format.
  • Within an opened Case:
    • Expectation: "Changed On", "Reported On", "Assigned To Processor On", and "Created On" dates should follow the DD/MM/YYYY 24-hour format consistently.
    • Current state: The dates may currently utilize the MM/DD/YYYY 12-hour format.


  • SAP Service Cloud Version 2 1.0
  • SAP Sales Cloud 2 1.0

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Connect to Service Cloud V2.
  2. Open the Case Work Center.
  3. Check the "Created On" and "Updated On" date formats.
  4. Open a case and inspect the following dates:
    • "Changed On"
    • "Reported On"
    • "Assigned To Processor On"
    • "Created On"
  • Expectation: All dates should consistently follow the DD/MM/YYYY 24-hour format.
  • Current state: The dates may currently utilize the MM/DD/YYYY 12-hour format.


  • To ensure consistency, ensure that the browser locale is correct, the locale is used to determine the dates, time zone, or amount formats.
    • Verifying the existing browser language via the Developer tool console
      1. Go to the Case Work Center
      2. Right click and click on "Inspect" or hit Ctrl+Shift+I (English 101 keyboard)
      3. At the end of the console, enter the following commands:
        • window.auth4crm.AuthUtil.getLocale() [Hit enter] -> the default browser language should be displayed.
        • Intl.DateTimeFormat().format(new Date()) [Hit enter] -> this will show the current date format
    • If you want to use English as the language, but want to still have the same DD/MM/YYYY format with 24 hour time format, then you need to set the preferred browser language as "English (United Kingdom)".
      • For example, in Google Chrome:
        1. Go to Settings
        2. Search for "Preferred Languages"
        3. Add/Select "English (United Kingdom)" and make it as the default UI language
        4. This language is used to display the Google Chrome UI)
        5. This language should also be at the top if there are other languages in the list
        6. Restart the browser and retest
      • For Microsoft Edge:
        1. Access Settings: Click on the three-dot menu icon (⋯) located in the top right corner of the browser window to open the menu.
        2. Navigate to Settings: In the menu, scroll down and click on "Settings".
        3. Select Language Settings: In the Settings menu, scroll down and click on "Languages".
        4. Add Preferred Language: Click on "Add languages". For example, English UK/GB
        5. Choose Language: Select your preferred language from the list of available languages. You can search for the language using the search box or scroll through the list.
        6. Set as Preferred: After selecting the language, click on the "Add" button to add it to your list of preferred languages.
        7. Adjust Language Settings: Once added, you can click on the language to adjust settings such as the display language order and spell check preferences.
        8. Save Changes: After making your desired changes, click on the "Save" button to save your language preferences.
        9. Restart Microsoft Edge: Close and reopen Microsoft Edge for the changes to take effect.
  • Please note though, that for add-ons, dates and times are not updated based on your browser settings.
  • In the operating system itself, ensure that the preferred language is defined as the display language

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