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3447151 - Return To Supplier Not Picking Correct Quantity


You have created a Purchase Order for a batch-managed Material of certain Quantity and received the goods against different identified stock IDs. However, you observe during the creation of New Supplier Return that the system is not returning the correct quantity you have received in the Supplier Delivery.

Also, if you try to manually change the quantity, the system is not allowing this and throws the error message: 

The Quantity to be returned must not be greater than XX. This is the quantity of the confirmed inbound delivery that has not yet been returned. (XX represent the Quantity of the Line Item).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to "Purchase Requests And Orders" work center and click on "New Purchase Order" under Common Tasks.
  2. In Purchase Order under General tab , enter all the required details like Supplier, Company, Bill-To.
  3. Under Items tab, click Add Row and enter relevant Product ID as well as all other relevant information like Ship-To location, Quantity, Price etc.
  4. Click "CHECK" and then "Order".
  5. Navigate to "Inbound Logistics" work center and then to the "Purchase Orders" view.
  6. Find and select the Purchase Order ID you ordered above.
  7. Select the line and click on "Post Goods Receipt".
  8. Click on "Add Sub Item" to add 4 rows, and enter the quantity against different Identified stock IDs.
  9. Click on "Save and Close".
  10. Since the Inbound Delivery will be auto-released, navigate to the "Supplier Invoicing" work center and to "Invoice Entry" view.
  11. Under "All Deliveries To Be Invoiced", select the Delivery ID and click on "New Invoice".
  12. Enter all the required details and click on "Post". With this the purchase order status gets changed to "Finished".
  13. Navigate back to the "Inbound Logistics" work center and click on "New Return To Supplier" under Common Tasks.
  14. Enter either the purchase order ID or the Inbound Delivery ID in search box and click on search.
  15. Select the rows for all the Identified Stock IDs that was received with the Inbound Delivery.
  16. Click on "Next".
  17. You can see that the quantity returned is wrong.
  18. And if you attempt to manually change the Quantities, the system reports an error mentioned in the symptom section.


Currently, system is only considering Item IDs and not the Identified Stock IDs when creating Return To Supplier. Consequently, it results in incorrect quantities in case of direct deliveries (Post Goods Receipt), where one item and multiple sub items with different Identified Stock IDs are involved.


As a workaround/solution, we recommend that you receive the goods through a Supplier Delivery Notification and a Warehouse Request instead of directly posting a Goods Receipt. Below are the steps to create inbound delivery via Delivery Notification and Warehouse task:

  • Go to Inbound Logistics work center
  • Go the Purchase Orders view.
  • Search for the relevant Purchase Order for which delivery needs to be created.
  • Click on "New Supplier Delivery Notification".
  • Enter the Delivery Notification ID and all relevant data.
  • Check Consistency and click "Save & Create Warehouse Request".
  • Go to the Document Flow tab and show Extended View. You will find a Warehouse Task and Inbound Delivery has been created.
  • Open the Warehouse Task and click Confirm.
  • Click Split Quantities to create Sub-Items to add Identified Stock IDs and the corresponding Actual Quantities and Target Logistics Area.
  • Once done, click Save to complete the task.
  • Click on Refresh button in document flow tab of the Supplier Delivery Notification.
  • You will see the inbound delivery's status has changed to Finished.
  • Now go to the Common Task and select New Return To Supplier.
  • Open the Advanced Search and enter the Inbound delivery ID.
  • Select the Relevant Rows and click Next.
  • You can see now that the system is returning the correct Quantity against each row/Identified Stock ID.


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