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3448343 - "Multiple associations for field <> in entity <> will not be available in a future version of Analytic Models" appears in SAP Datasphere


With the association handling story in place the following warning message appears in SAP Datasphere Analytic Model: 

"Multiple associations for field <> in entity <> will not be available in a future version of Analytic Models. Multiple associations per attribute will not be supported in a future update. To have both associations each would need their own mapped attribute."


SAP Datasphere


This happens if there are two dimensions added to the model where the same attribute (e.g "Column") is used as key in the association:
-    DIM D1
-    DIM D2


This message depends on the model, as of now Development team is investigating an issue where have a false positive issue for the validation. A code correction was done for it and message should not appear after wave 2024.07, check 2984828

If the message still appears and:

1. Dimension D1 can be seen as another table providing additional attributes for DIM D2.
The Dimension DIM D1 should be remodeled. Create a single dimension view DIM MERGED that joins the attributes from dimension DIM D2 and DIM D1 into one single dimension.  

2. Dimension D2 has an own meaning and shall be treated as two dimensions in the story. 
The Fact view should be remodeled. Duplicate the field "Column" to "Column_2", then maintain dedicated foreign key associations from the fact source to -> DIM D2 and the fact source to -> DIM D1.

Development team is still in discussions to decide if they can really stop supporting this scenario or if it will have a compatibility mode for it.

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