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3451822 - SAP SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking Release FAQ - First Half 2024 (1H 2024)


This KBA is to share the 1H 2024 new features in scope of SAP SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet (LOD-SF-EC-TMS*) and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking (LOD-SF-TTR*). 


  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central - Time Sheet
  • SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking


The following documentations can also be found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links in the "What's New" section, by filtering Feature with Clock In Clock Out and/or Time Sheet.

Please find the 1H 2024 release features in scope of SAP SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet (LOD-SF-EC-TMS*) and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking (LOD-SF-TTR*) in below chart.

Support Product AreaFeature NameDescriptionWNV LinkReference NumberSupport Component

EC Time Sheet;
Time Tracking;
EC Time Off

Consolidated Time Recording with SAP S/4HANAConsolidated Time Recording offers consolidated time management processes across SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors.LinkTIM-40987


EC Time Off;
Time Tracking
Time Type Filter Rule Restriction RemovedWe've removed the limit on the number of time type filter rules you can add to the time profile.LinkTIM-43213LOD-SF-EC-TIM;

EC Time Off;
Time Tracking

Time Sheet Approval CenterTime Sheet Approval Center provides a single comprehensive overview for managers to view important contextual information and perform mass approval of their employees' time sheet requests, in an easy and efficient manner. The information on the Time Sheet Approval Center page includes details of the submitted and non-submitted time sheets, time sheet key facts, missing time punches, absences, related approvals, alerts, and amendments.
Please note that we have now reached our capacity for sign-ups and will be closing the registrations. Thank you for your understanding. 
Time TrackingMonthly Time SheetsYou can now approve time sheets on a monthly rather than on a weekly basis. We've also added a monthly calendar view in Time Sheet that allows employees as well as managers and administrators in on-behalf mode to get an overview of the employees' attendance and absence recordings in a calendar month.LinkTIM-41215LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingEnhancement of the Rule Functions Get Number of Allowances In Period and Has Allowances In PeriodWe've added the option Consider only allowances that have changed. to the Amendment Scenario parameter of the rule functions Get Number Of Allowances In Period() and Has Allowances In Period(). This option lets you find amendments for monthly time sheets that are stored in the Allowance Recording object.LinkTIM-41453LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingLink to the Time Sheet UI in the Employee Time Sheet Workflow DetailsWe've added the Open Time Sheet for Details link to the Workflow Details page of the Employee Time Sheet workflow. This link takes you directly from the workflow details of the time sheet to the time sheet of the employee whose time sheet you're reviewing.LinkTIM-41454LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingSupport of Keyboard Shortcuts for Copying and Pasting Days in Time SheetYou can now copy and paste days in Time Sheet using the common keyboard shortcuts CTRL + C , CTRL + V for Windows and Command + C , Command + V for macOS.LinkTIM-42864LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingCalendar-Based Automatic Approval of Pending Time Sheet Workflow RequestsWe've added a processing user to the time recording calendar. The processing user lets you automatically approve time sheets with pending workflows.LinkTIM-37649LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingFilterable Allowance Type ListIt's now possible to hide allowance types from the selection drop-down when recording an allowance by assigning an allowance type filter rule to the corresponding Available Allowance Type on the time profile.LinkTIM-42614LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingDeviation in Time Recording Submission Configuration Can't Be Below -2In the Time Recording Submission Configuration object, the value in the Deviate Automatic Submission By (+/- Days) field can't be below -2 anymore.LinkTIM-43490LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingSupport of Annual Working Time Agreements in Days for FranceWe now support annual working time agreements in days as commonly used in France (convention de forfait en jours). You can now display planned times and record working times in unit days rather than hours.LinkTIM-40959LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingWeekly Period CalculationsYou can now set up flexible periods that are 1, 2, or 4 weeks long.LinkTIM-40723LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingBusiness Rule in Time ValuationThere are new time valuation types Decision by Business Rule and Calculation by Business Rule provided that can trigger business rules of Decision Rule and Calculation Rule in time valuation.LinkTIM-37647LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingNew Views for Story Reports About Weekly and Monthly Time SheetsYou can now generate comprehensive story reports for data from both weekly and monthly time sheets. To remove duplicate entries in a time sheet amendment scenario, you can use the Latest Time Sheet field.LinkTIM-43574LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time Tracking - CICOEnhancements to Clock Time Quick Action in Android and iOS Mobile AppsThe Clock Time quick action now shows all the supported actions and not just the next logically possible action.LinkMOB-77757LOD-SF-TTR-CIO
Time Tracking - CICOCreate and Delete Time Events using SAP SuccessFactors Mobile ApplicationThe Clock In Clock Out employees can now use the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile application to create, or delete time events.LinkMOB-56550LOD-SF-TTR-CIO

Minor Visual Changes related to Time Sheet and Time Tracking:

  • Added this week and Deducted this week in the Time Sheet Accounts section of Time Sheet are changed to Added by the current time sheet and Deduction based on current time sheet respectively. 
  • The label This Month and This Week will display in Time Management section of the People Profile for monthly and weekly time recorders respectively, while there was only This Week as the label before. 

More details can be found from Minor Visual Changes in 1H 2024 by filtering Module with Time Management.

Time Tracking supported by Joule
Please refer to more details from New Use Cases Supported in Joule .

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