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3452212 - Understanding Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Limitations


  • Recently, you may have encountered an incident for which an RCA was not provided.
  • We understand your concerns and would like to explain the reasons behind this.


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Service Cloud
  • SAP Sales Cloud


There is no evidence or supporting logs to generate an RCA


In our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, we conduct Root Cause Analyses (RCAs) to identify the underlying reasons for reported incidents. However, despite our best efforts, an RCA may not be feasible due to various factors. This article aims to clarify these circumstances and provide insights into our approach.

      • Challenges Encountered: Lack of Evidence or Supporting Logs: With sufficient data or logs, pinpointing the root cause of an issue becomes more accessible. Our ability to conduct a thorough analysis heavily relies on the availability of relevant information.
      • Insufficient Details: Detailed information about the incident's circumstances is crucial for practical analysis. When such details are lacking, it becomes easier to identify potential causes and correlations.
      • Isolated Event: In some cases, the reported issue may be an isolated event that cannot be reproduced under controlled conditions. 
    • Our Commitment: While we regret any inconvenience caused by the inability to provide an RCA, please be assured that we take all reported incidents seriously. Our team remains dedicated to resolving issues promptly and minimizing their impact on our customers.
    • Next Steps and How You Can Help: Detailed Incident Description: Include as much detail as possible about the incident, including the steps leading up to it, any error messages encountered, and its impact on your operations.
      • Logs and Screenshots: 
        • If applicable, provide relevant logs, screenshots, or any other supporting documentation that could help us understand the issue better.
        • Please reproduce the issue and provide us with the exported DevTool Network log as a HAR file. Also, with HTTPWatch, the console logs are exported. For more details, please refer to the following KBA: 3290099 - How to capture and export trace logs in Chrome or MS Edge as HAR files.

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