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3454876 - User is unable to access the delegated onboarding tasks - Onboarding


Original assignee delegated a task to another user, but when they try to access/complete it, they got an error saying (one of above):

  • Entity ONB2WhatToBringActivity with the given key 'undefined' is not found
  • Entity ONB2MessageActivity with the given key 'undefined' is not found.
  • Entity ONB2EquipmentActivity with the given key 'undefined' is not found.
  • Entity ONB2UsefulContactActivity with the given key 'undefined' is not found.
  • Entity ONB2LinkActivity with the given key 'undefined' is not found.


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to the system
  2. proxy as new assignee
  3. On the home page, click on the tile: 'Prepare for New Hire's day 1'
  4. Error message appears.


Missing permission or Target Population does not satisfy the candidate where new assignee needs to complete the task.


The action of Delegate a task does not grant permission for the new assignee. User needs to certified if the new assignee has the required permission and target population.


  • ONB2WhatToBringActivity
  • ONB2MessageActivity
  • ONB2EquipmentActivity
  • ONB2UsefulContactActivity
  • ONB2LinkActivity

In the same role where these permissions are granted, check what is the Current Target Population. If target population is "Direct Reports" for example, and candidate is not a Direct Report of currently assignee, this would be the expected. Customer can set groups based on the same Business Unit or Location, for example.

Important to note! Support is not the appropriate channel to address consulting/implementation queries. If you are facing challenges in addressing the correct target population, please consult your Implementation Partner together with professional services. If you are the implementation partner, then please use the following link: SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding | SAP Community 

Further information: 2706322 - What is Support – What is Consulting: Cloud Solutions - SAP for Me 

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