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3454942 - How to add custom fields (AKA extension fields) in Agent Desktop Interaction Log


  • With the latest features of SAP Service Cloud Version 2, customers can now add and utilize extension fields.
  • This Knowledge Base Article (KBA) will guide you through the basics of extending the standard data model with custom fields.

Image/Data is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP Service Cloud Version 2 1.0
  • SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 1.0


How to


  1. - **Create Extension Fields:**
      1. Click on the Profile (avatar) and navigate to Settings.
      2. Select "All Settings".
      3. Go to "Extensibility", and click "Extensibility Administration".
      4. Check the "Extendable" checkbox.
      5. Search for the corresponding service where you want to add the custom field (e.g., Phone Service).
      6. Under the "Custom Fields" tab, click the "+" to add an extension field.
      7. Enter the Label; the system auto-populates the name.
      8. Select the Data Type and corresponding Data Format.
      9. Save your changes.

    *Note (Limitations):*
    - The extension field is now created and listed under the Custom Fields tab.
    - You cannot currently delete extension fields.
    - You can create up to 50 extension fields per entity.

    - **Add the extension field to the Agent Desktop Interaction Log UI:**
      1. Go to Agent Desktop.
      2. Enable Adaptation -> Profile -> Start Adaptation.
      3. Navigate to the Interaction Log and click on the Pencil icon to edit.
      4. Click on "Add From List".
      5. Scroll down to "Extensions".
      6. Click the Arrow and select the custom field created above, for example.

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SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud Version 2 1.0


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