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3454951 - Creating Email Templates


  • How to create Email templates
  • The SAP Service Cloud Version 2 administrator can configure different types of email response templates, for example:
    • Response from support teams
    • Signature for service team and team member information
    • Branding for creating a custom brand-themed email response
    • Campaign for newsletters and surveys
    • Approval Response
    • Approval


  • SAP Service Cloud Version 2 1.0
  • SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 1.0


How to


  1. Maintain an email channel per your requirements
  2. Create you email template per your requirement
    1. Go to your user profile and select -> Settings -> Emails -> Templates
    2. Select the create icon (+) at the top to create a new template.
    3. Enter a template name followed by the template type and channel type.
      • This step is crucial as only templates defined for corresponding objects are accessible during Autoflow rule creation.
      • For example, when creating an Autoflow rule for a case entity, if there's no template defined for cases, that template won't be available for selection.
      • The same principle applies to all other entities, such as Tasks, etc.
      • Enter more details about this template in the description field.
    4. Create and upload your HTML template file (offline) and save your template.
  3. As a prerequisite to configuring email templates, you need to allow the MIME type text/html in the application. You can do this through -> Settings ->  Data Administration  -> MIME Types for Attachments. 

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