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3455210 - Need for Business User While Configuring Code Replication Iflows From SAP S4HANA To SAP Sales & Service Cloud V2


You are configuring one of the code replication related iflows from package "SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud Version 2 Integration for Master Data with SAP S/4HANA or SAP S/4HANA Cloud" , there is a step "Get CNS Code" to do a GET call to the V2 system in case of Initial Load scenario.


SAP Sales & Service Cloud v2 Integration with SAP S4HANA


Below mentioned iflows does a GET call to v2 for Initial Load scenarios and you need to provide credentials for this call. For this GET call, the communication user automatically generated cannot be used and you need to create a Business user and a dedicated Business Role with READ access to relevant business services. 

List of Iflows and corresponding Business service names(as displayed in v2 within the business role creation screen) to be given access

  1. Replicate Cash Discount Terms from SAP S4HANA - 
  2. Replicate Company Legal Form from SAP S4HANA - 
  3. Replicate Customer Group Form from SAP S4HANA -
  4. Replicate Customer Price List Type from SAP S4HANA -
  5. Replicate Delivery Blocking Reason from SAP S4HANA -
  6. Replicate Delivery Priority from SAP S4HANA - 
  7. Replicate Department from SAP S4HANA -
  8. Replicate Distribution Channel from SAP S4HANA - 
  9. Replicate Division from SAP S4HANA - 
  10. Replicate Functional Title from SAP S4HANA - 
  11. Replicate Incoterms Classification from SAP S4HANA - 
  12. Replicate Industrial Sector from SAP S4HANA - 
  13. Replicate Invoicing Blocking Reason from SAP S4HANA - 
  14. Replicate Price Specification Customer Group from SAP S4HANA -

While configuring the iflow, we have provided instruction "CNS-BUSINESS-USER" under the field "Credential Name" as a heads-up that you need to use a Business user for the iflows. You can find the corresponding business service names when you check the service path in Address field.

Notes :

  • Ensure you give only READ access to the above mentioned services and not WRITE access, I.e.. When you are creating a business role, add the above services and chose "UnRestricted" for "Read Access" and "Restricted" for "Write Access".
  • Use this dedicated business role for the dedicated business user created for S4 Integration purpose.


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SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud Version 2 1.0