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3458664 - How to restore deleted background records - Employee Profile


  • How to restore deleted background records when by mistake selecting "import by overwriting existing data " option during Live Profile Import/ Import Extended User Information.


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Reproducing the Issue

Sometimes customer enabled overwrite option by mistake and deleted all the legacy background records.


Step 1: Check job details to make sure the data loss is caused by the overwrite import job. (isOverride or isOverwriteChanged is true).

Step 2: Gather following information from job run detail. 

  • When was the job executed. 
  • Which background element was impacted.
  • How many records were deleted.

Step 3: Customer to raise support ticket to request for backup.

Step 4: Support team will raise ticket to create temporary tenant to store the backup.

Step 5: Support team will attach restored backup DB with new requested provisioning company.

Step 6: Support will download the data model before the change and import it back after the whole recovery process. 

Support team will Export the backup data. After above 3 steps (create db backup, request a temporary instance and attach the backup DB to new instance), support team can login to the temporary instance and can export the lost data that customer need to import to the original customer instance.

Step 7: Support team will Export the backup without attachments.

  • Access provisioning via CAM and create a new admin account, login and give self export permission,.
  • Go to Admin Center > Export Extended User Information, export the specific background data. 

Step 8: Support team will send the csv file to the customer and ask customer to import the data by themselves and confirm.

Step 9: Support team will export the backup with attachments: If the impacted background element contains attachment field and customer lost attachment files as well, we can export the backup data & attachments via provisioning job.

Support team can Go to provisioning → Manage Scheduled jobs → create new job, and fill in the necessary info:

  • Job name
  • Job owner (Usually the support access)
  • Choose "background information" and enable "include attachment"
  • Choose "export extended data only"
  • Choose the specific background element
  • FTP address and path to store the data.

  • Please note that due to technical reason, the "file name" in the job setting will not be used, instead, you need to find the file names on the job details page: (Click Monitor jobs→details).

  • When the job is completed, you will find the files on the FTP server. 

Step 10: Import the backup to preview/production instance of customer.
Then support team with customer permission can go to customer instance which needs data recovery, create an import job from provisioning and run it.


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