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3462442 - Chart Drill Down Issues with Linked Analysis and Filters in Optimized Story


The chart fails to retrieve data when using Drill Up and Drill Down options in conjunction with linked analysis. When linked analysis is not applied, everything functions as expected.
"Destination host is unreachable!"

HAR log may show
502 Bad Gateway: Registered endpoint failed to handle the request.
wait time is 300 sec = 5 min

Console log may show
[Error] Kernel:     at e [as constructor] 
[Error] IOLayer: onHttpResponse: Http Status: 502 Bad Gateway
[INFO] Error getting result set queryKey=5 for application ID


Model relies on a live connection through a tunnel.
CDS View
SAP_BW Release 753 
Issue can happen in SAPK-75XYYINSAPBW and SAPK-X00YYINDW4CORE 


The termination occurred in ABAP program or include "CL_BICS_INA_JSON_PARSER=======CP", in "_PUSH_BACK_PARSER". The main program was "SAPLBW_BICS_INA_TEST_TOOLS".  Program "CL_BICS_INA_JSON_PARSER=======CP" has exceeded the maximum uninterrrupted runtime and has therefore been terminated. The maximum runtime of a program is set by system profile parameter "rdisp/scheduler/prio_[high|normal|low]/max_runtime". Once this limit has been exceeded, the system attempts to interrupt the SQL statement or to instruct the ABAP processor to terminate the program. It waits for a maximum of 60 seconds. If the program is then still active, the work process is restarted.


Verify these notes are installed in the backend system holding the SAC data.
2635363 - InA: High runtime of JSON parser in case of batch requests
3247690 - InA: Maximum runtime hierarchy drill level
3066189 - InA: Automatic variable submit for data requests - Part III
3025401 - BICS: enhance RRI mapping adding semantical objects and metadata
3126410 - InA: Automatic variable submit for data requests - Part VII
3261094 - InA: Invalid filter or apply cartesian error message when loading SAC stories
3425381 - InA: Virtual root node support for level offset
3364468 - BW InA: Virtual Attribute <dimension>.path
3450900 InA: High runtime of JSON parser in case of batch requests (753 only)
2635363 which can not be implemented due to release 753, use 3450900

The issue can also be addressed with:
1. either reduce the Filters
2. and/or set a higher runtime in RZ11 transaction and try to reproduce. (parameter "rdisp/scheduler/prio_[high|normal|low]/max_runtime")


KBA , BW-BEX-OT-BICS-INA , BW INA provider , LOD-ANA-DES , Story Design & Visualizations , Problem


SAP Analytics Cloud 1.0