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3463784 - Decimal Issue - Entry too long (enter in the format ___,___,__~.__V) - S/4HANA Cloud


The error message "00089 - Entry too long (enter in the format ___,___,__~.__V)" appears when manually entering condition amount with 10 digits for condition type PPR0.


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In SAP S/4HANA Cloud system, standard field KBETR (Amount) is defined in the data dictionary with data type CURR (currency) with field size length 11 digits with decimal 2 counting the decimal separator (9 digits plus 2 decimal places).

When trying to input 1000000000, the system will format with separators and decimals, and it would be like 1,000,000,000.00 which exceeds field size (KBETR). If entering 10000000 instead, then -after formatting- it gets 10,000,000.00 which is in the limit and hence allowed.

The error message "00089 - Entry too long (enter in the format ___,___,__~.__V)" occurs when entering condition amount (KOMV-KBETR) having more than 11 digits for condition type PPR0.

If customer enters a value having more than 11 digits, they exceed the defined field length, then the mentioned error message is justified.


There is no program error, this is correct system behavior. The number of digits is limited to 11 (9+2) by standard design. Therefore the defined field length is a technical restriction and it cannot be changed.

The following workarounds can be considered:

  1. You can divide the value and you can use more than one condition with half of the value.
  2. You can split the item and have more items in the document with less value.
  3. You can use different unit of measure (thus reducing the value that has to be entered).
  4. You can introduce a new or in-between currency

There are some important reminder about the followings before trying to change standard fields settings in data dictionary:

  • Changing the field in data dictionary is possible, but it may result in serious inconsistencies!  Changing the data element KBETR is as well not recommended. 
  • If you check the "Where Used" list of the domain and the data element, you can see the large number of objects depending on them.

Note: changing the currency's decimal places is NOT recommended strongly as of SAP Note 137626 as amounts in posted documents may be invalidated.

As SAP does not support these alternate workarounds, customer holds full responsibility for any error or inconsistency caused by their own customizing.

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