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3464964 - Production Confirmation Does Not Consider Production Order Quantity


  • Production/ execution model XYZ is based on a quantity of 1 ea (XYZ represents the production/execution model ID).
  • Based on this production model you create a production order ABC for a quantity of more than 1, for example 3 ea (ABC represents the production order ID).
  • In the Make Operation you define main resource DEF with a cost rate of, for example, 50,00 LC per 1 hour.  And you specify a fixed duration of, for example, 30 minutes (DEF represents the resource ID, LC stands for local currency). 

  • When checking the production confirmation's journal entry for a confirmed quantity of 3 ea , you notice only the duration for the production of 1 ea is considered, 25,00 LC for 30 minutes 
  • You expect for the production confirmation to consider the ordered quantity of 3 ea and post a cost amount of 75,00 LC (for 3 x 0,5 hours = 25,00 LC x 3). 


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Reproducing the Issue

To check the posting: For example:  

  1. In the Inventory Valuation work center go to the Reports view and find the Production Lots - Line items report.
  2. In the report enter Production Lot ID ABC (the same ID as the production order ID) and press Apply. 
  3. Add the Business Transaction type to the report. 
  4. You verify that the valuation quantity of the goods receipt from production is correct, here 3 ea.  
  5. You notice an Internal service confirmation journal entry with the amount (25,00 LC) corresponding to the production duration (0,5 hours) of the quantity of 1 ea. However, you expected an amount of 75,00 LC as the production order quantity is 3 ea (3 x 25,00 LC = 75,00 LC). 


In the Production Model XYZ and underlying Bill of Operation the Make Operation is maintained with a Fixed Duration. When confirming the production for a make operation with fixed duration this fixed duration is derived as confirmed duration automatically. Here it is assumed that the production of 1 quantity takes as long as the production of a quantity higher than 1.


If you must work with a fixed duration but for some reason the duration of the production of the ordered quantity differs from the planned duration of the production/execution model, then you can manually change the confirmed duration before finishing the production task:

  1. In the Execution work center go to the Production tasks view and find the respective production task of production order ABC.
  2. In the Production task navigate to the Activities tab.
  3. Enter the Confirmed quantity.
  4. By Default the fixed duration appears as confirmed duration. However, the Confirmed Duration field is editable, so that you can modify the duration if needed. 

It is also possible to change the duration type of the make operation to Variable Duration. In this case, the duration of the underlying execution model is multiplied by the ordered quantity. It can  also be adjusted before finishing the production task:

  1. In the Planning and Production Master Data work center go to the Production Bill of Operation view. 
  2. Find the Bill of Operation (BOO)used in production model XYZ. 
  3. In the BOO press View All and go to the Structure tab. 
  4. Find the respective Make Operation.
  5. Select the connected activity. 
  6. Remove the value in the Fixed Duration field. 
  7. Enter the duration in the Variable Duration field. 
  8. Check the consistency of the BOO and save your changes.

Any new production order's internal service confirmation of the respective make operation should now be based on the variable duration and therefore derive the production cost from the ordered quantity and the defined, variable duration. 


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