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3467734 - New Experience for People Profile


The latest People Profile features a brand-new public view of your profile, consisting of Profile Preview and Spotlight, along with more intuitive user interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When will New People profile will be Universal?

    • The full new Profile experience including Profile Preview/Spotlight/Full Profile is planned to be universal as of 1H 2025.You can find more documentation in Guide.

  2. Is New People profile available for only EC enabled Instances?

    • New People profile is available for all Instances in respective of customer use EC or not. It is just that certain data wouldn't be shown (no Spotlight card for  Organization as this is EC data only), other Spotlights are from other modules and would be shown (of course depending on whether the module is used - e.g. Career Management for Target Roles).
  3. Is Employment Differentiator supported in new People Profile?
    • Employment Differentiator is supported in new people profile. Please follow Guide for more detail. Employees able to maintain Self-Description even though in "Configure People profile "
  4. Can New People profile be accessed from other modules like Succession area, Talent search, Talent pools etc?

    • New Profile cannot be accessed from the modules yet which means if you try to access profile today it will still show existing profile and not the new one. This will be planned to enhance in future release.
  5. "Allow employees to enter introductory text" is not enabled, still employees are able to maintain the same.

    • With New People profile follow "Build My Brand Vision". Employees gets  the ability to provide self-Introduction. This will show up as an option for the employee and if maintained others would see it. It does not show up in Full Profile as this is still the existing/legacy Profile.
  6. Can we remove badges or work experience from Spotlight?

    • If you've configured badges and work experience in the Succession data model system, the New People Profile will display these features even if they're not in use. Currently, they cannot be removed unless they are deleted from the data model.
  7. User cannot see all Organization Information?

    • System supports Company, business-unit, division, department fields . You can find more detail in Guide.

  8. Employee able to change background picture in New People Profile?

  9. How to Configure New People profile?

    • You cannot configure New People profile. New People profile works with minimum configuration . You can find more detail in Guide.
  10. How to disable the Profile Preview/Spotlight View?

    • There is an Admin switch to switch off the experience. We recommend that you keep both the latest People Profile and the latest Org Chart enabled. You may also switch off both if you prefer. Admin switches:
      • Admin > Company System and Logo Settings > Enable the latest People Profile
      • Admin > Company System and Logo Settings > Enable the latest Org Chart
    • Additionally, there is a combined end-user toggle for both latest People Profile and latest Org Chart. End-users can switch it off via:
      • Settings > New Experiences > People Profile and Org Chart
  11. When will New People profile will be Universal?

    • The full new Profile experience including Profile Preview/Spotlight/Full Profile is planned to be universal as of 1H 2025

  12. When will Latest Org chart will be Universal?

    • Latest Org chart will be universal from 2H 2024 release.

  13. Out of Office related queries/issues?

Planned Influence Idea:

  1. Can user directly navigate to People profile of the user from preview page?

  2. Can user decide which section in spotlight should be enabled/disabled?

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