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3469432 - Centralized Services save actions are resulting in incorrect data update - Employee Central


  • Why field B changed when we updated only Field A's value?
  • Why field A value changed from value abc to def?
  • Why field A picklist value is incorrect?
  • Why field A's value is not forward propagating?
  • Are business rules changing any field values?
  • I selected event reason A but actually event reason B is saved.
  • What scenarios can I used Centralized Services save tracing in Diagnostic tool for?


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Pre-requisite: Enable Diagnostic tool by providing RBP permissions. see KBA:3468733  & then reproduce the issue.
    Enable and use Diagnostic trace configuration in Manage Data. Enable Rule trace too if your requirement is to know which rule are changing values.
  2. Go to Admin Center.
  3. Search and select Diagnostic Tool.
  4. Select Type of Transaction= Centralized Services.
  5. Enter search fields at least one of the field Requested By or Requested For value.
  6. Date of transaction is mandatory.
  7. Search the recent transaction for any HRIS element like Job Information, Personal Information Employe Central entities and view the details.


  • In the results page check the each stage of the transaction by expanding them.
  • Compare the processing stage where you identify your field change/issue and compare it with the stages before.
  • If Foundation Object, Custom MDF Objects fields in the HRIS Element being checked is involved, you can see both External Code and Label values.
  • If rules are changing values you can see this in Rules processing stage. Here you cannot see the rule name, till we enhance the feature please use Rule Trace feature along with the Diagnostic tool to know which Rule has changed the field value.
  • If facing issue with some fields not forward propagating you can check the details under Forward Propagation processing stage.
  • In below example for compensation information record we added only Bonus Target, Is Eligible for Benefit and Is Eligible for Car field values. But observe rules stage where we can see lots more fields like Benefit Rate, Current Salary, Annualized Salary, Event Reason, etc. changed by rules.
  • Highlighted in screenshot you can see Foundation Objects like Event Reason and Pay Component both External Codes and Name are shown.

See Also

3468733 - Diagnostic Tool for Employee Central save transactions and workflows


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