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3470798 - Wrong Credit Limit Value Appears While Currency Conversing.


The Credit Limit is not reflecting the expected value for the account when changing currencies in a sales document.


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Reproducing the Issue

In this example, we will use KRW (Korean Won) and USD (United States Dollar)

  1. Go to the New Business work center.
  2. Select the Sales Quotes view.
  3. Select New Sales Quote.
  4. Enter the Account and Sales Data.
  5. Under the Item section, click Add Row
  6. Add an item.
  7. Click View All.
  8. Click the Check Credit Limit button.
  9. Info message: Credit limit not exceeded; 944,857,235 KRW is left.
  10. Change the Currency from KRW to USD.
  11. Info message: Credit limit 705,132.60 USD exceeded by 12,884,525.29 USD.



The reason this happens is because there is a higher exchange value between the used currencies within the scenario.

Below are the details from my previous memo: 

When creating a new sales quote with currency set as KRW, the following logic with be performed to display the message for whether the credit limit is within or exceeded.

Calculation logic:
Credit Open Amount = Credit Open Amount - (minus) Gross Amount Others.

= 958,439,143.00 - 13,581,907.00 
= 944,857,236.00 

Here the Credit Open Amount is positive, hence it is within the limit and the amount of field (Gross Amount Others) is stored in buffer.

Now, if we change the currency of the document from KRW to USD, we will see the same calculation (logic as presented above), but with different values:

= 697,381.71 -13,581,907.00
= -12,884,525.29 

While changing the currency from KRW to USD, the system fetches Gross Amount Field (Gross Amount Others) from buffer as mentioned above and the deducts from converted Credit Open Amount.
For this reason the value becomes negative and thus the message informs that the value is exceeding credit limit.


This is the expected system behavior.

In order to solve this, there are two alternatives:

  1. Change the currency configuration of the Credit Limit Check from option 2 to option 1.
  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select the Overview view.
  3. Search for Credit Limit Check.
  4. Select the line of the Activity and click Open
    Check Current Document (1)
    Check Current Document and Other Open Orders (2)
    Check Current Document and Other Open Orders Including Documents "In Preparation" (3)
  5. Change from: Check Current Document and Other Open Orders (2)
  6. Change to: Check Current Document (1)


  1. In case you would like to maintained the second option for your Credit Limit Check, please ensure that follow-up Sales Orders are completed.

Once one of the above solutions is taken, no error will show. 


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