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3478829 - Import of models & stories exported trough Content Network is failing in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


  • Models, stories and dependencies that were transported from Tenant A via the Content Network cannot be imported in Tenant B.

  • In SAP Cloud Analytics Monitoring->Traces the following error traces can be seen:

    CONTENTMANAGER : {"packageId":"","objectName":"message_epmObjects_v3","messageId":"OBJECT_IMPORT_FAILED","args":[],"message":"Couldn't import the object","previous":false,"stack":"Exception@/sap/fpa/services/core/system/Exception.xsjslib:142:17\nRestEpmObjectException@/sap/fpa/services/epmObjects/v3/RestEpmObjectException.xsjslib:6:1\nRestEpmObject.prototype.doPut@/sap/fpa/services/epmObjects/v3/RestEpmObject.xsjslib:137:1\nRest.prototype.dispatch@/sap/fpa/services/core/rest/Rest.xsjslib:174:17\nhandleRequest@/sap/fpa/services/GetResponse.xsjslib:206:9\nmain@/sap/fpa/services/GetResponse.xsjslib:245:25\n@/sap/fpa/services/GetResponse.xsjs:9:5\n","bUIMessage":false,"bWarning":false,"httpStatus":400} 

    CONTENTMANAGER : dberror(Connection.prepareStatement): 259 - invalid table name: Could not find table/view in schema TENANT_A: line 1 col 24 (at pos 23) 


SAP Cloud Analytics 2024.8.10(Enterprise)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a Transport job including a story & model & story customization.
  2. Export Content Transport successfully completes in Tenant A.
  3. Import Content Transport cannot complete in Tenant B.
  4. In the "Import Summary" for certain list members "Couldn't import object..... Error importing object ID:" can be seen.


This issue is being investigated by development.


This issue is being investigated by development.

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