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3481409 - Missing External ID for Inbound and Outbound Calls in SAP Service Cloud


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  • You are using Live Activity or Agent Desktop (Service Agent Console)
  • You have a CTI integration with a 3rd party CTI 


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Activities
  2. Open Phone Calls
  3. Open a phone call and noticed that some phone calls do not have an External ID


  • Missing or incorrect configuration
  • 3rd party issue (CTI not passing the external ID to C4C)


Scenario Breakdown:

1. Missing External ID for Inbound Calls

When the External ID is missing for inbound calls:

  • Ensure CTI Payload Includes ExternalReferenceID:

    • Verify that the CTI provider sends the ExternalReferenceID payload as defined in the "Phone Events and Payload" specifications.
    • This ID must be unique for each call and is essential for identifying the call in the system.
  • Define and Update Communication System:

    • Ensure a communication system has been defined within SAP Service Cloud.
    • Update the system ID in the Live Activity configuration or Agent Desktop settings to match the defined communication system.
  • CTI Provider Requirements:

    • Confirm that the ExternalReferenceID and ExternalOriginalReferenceID are provided by the CTI provider.
    • These IDs can be up to 35 alphanumeric characters long and should not include special characters or dashes.

2. Missing External ID for Outbound Calls

When the External ID is missing for outbound calls:

  • No External ID Required by SAP Service Cloud:

    • There is no issue as SAP Service Cloud does not require generating an External Reference ID for outbound calls.
    • This ID is used exclusively by the CTI system and is not necessary for outbound call processing from SAP Service Cloud.
  • Outbound Call Payload:

    • The payload for outbound calls typically looks like this:
      { "PhoneNumber": "+1 6503054000", "ActivityUUID": "00163EA718FC1EEABDD5608C895BDC71", "BusinessPartnerID": "1545766", "Direction": "OUT", "ESObjectID": "COD_CONTACT_ES_CO", "LoggedInUserID": "SERVICEAGENT01", "ObjectID": "1545766", "ObjectThingType": "COD_CONTACT_TT", "ObjectTypeCode": "147", "ObjectUUID": "00163E07C0211ED799FA20463CBFEF62" }
  • Communication System and Phone Number:

    • The communication system's widget uses the PhoneNumber parameter to initiate the outbound call when it receives the payload.
    • The ActivityUUID serves as the identifier for the phone call activity created in SAP Service Cloud. It allows the CTI system to link the interaction record in their system effectively.

Note: Ensure that all configurations and payloads align with the specifications provided by your CTI system to facilitate seamless integration and avoid missing External IDs.

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