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3488071 - Revenue Recognition History Report Shows Total Earned Revenue Amount as Current Earned Revenue Amount


For Sales Order item XYZ-XX  the revenue recognition run realises revenue is different accounting periods (XYZ represents the sales order item ID). 

Each run recognized a Current Earned Revenue amount and calculates the Total Earned Revenue amount:

  • Previously earned revenue in period 002.YYYY: 200,00 CC (CC represents the company currency).
  • Revenue recognition run for period 003.YYYY:
  • Current Earned revenue: 100,00 CC 
  • Total Earned revenue: 300,00 CC (Previous total earned revenue amount plus Current Earned Revenue). 

You execute a run for a new period, for example, 004.YYYY after accumulating another 100,00 CC of revenue: 

The runs displays the following: 

  • Current Earned Revenue is: 400,00 CC
  • Total Earned Revenue is: 400,00 CC.

You expect the run to show  a Current Earned Revenue figure of 100,00 LC as this is the difference between the previous Total Earned Revenue, 300,00 CC, and the new Total Earned Revenue: 400,00 CC. 


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Cost and Revenue work center go to the Sales Document items view.
  2. Find item XYZ-XX.
  3. Choose Revenue Recognition and select Revenue Recognition History.
  4. Check run for period 003.YYYY with Current Earned Revenue, 100,00 CC and Total Earned Revenue 300,00 CC. 
  5. Check run for period 004.YYYY with Current Earned Revenue 400,00 CC and Total Earned Revenue 400,00 CC.

Why does the run not show Current Earned Revenue 100,00 CC and Total Earned Revenue: 400,00 CC? 


There was an account determination change in the relevant master data, such as the Service account determination group or the Customer Account Determination group, causing the revenue recognition run to transfer all the revenue over to a new G/L account. 


Up until period 003.YYYY the sales order's customer is assigned to account determination group ABC (ABC represents an account determination group): 

But before the revenue recognition run for period 004.YYYY, the customer's account determination group changes to DEF (DEF represents a different account determination group). 

In the Account Master data go to the Changes tab and identify the account determination group change. 

 To check the Account Determination Master data check the G/L Accounts assigned to the account determination groups ABC and DEF: 

  1. In Fine Tuning, go to the Charts of Accounts, Financial Reporting Structures, Account Determination  activity.
  2. Select Account Determination - Sales:
  3. For account determination group ABC G/L account AAA is assigned as Sales Revenue account.
  4. For account determination group DEF G/L account BBB is assigned as Sales Revenue account. 


The system works as designed: As the G/L account to realise the earned revenue, changes in period 004.YYYY, the revenue recognition run debits all the previously realised revenue (300,00 CC) to the original account AAA and realises all the revenue as Current Earned Revenue on the new account BBB, 400,00 CC, so that the Current Earned Revenue amount equals the Total Earned Revenue amount. 


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