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3488150 - Incoming Emails not creating cases in the system


  • Incoming emails are not automatically creating cases in SAP Service Cloud V2.
  • The Case conversion monitor captures the exception: "An internal server error occurred while running the Connector Service...."
  • This issue persists even after reprocessing the entry.


  • SAP Service Cloud Version 2 1.0
  • SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 1.0

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Configure the Email Channel as required.
  2. Navigate to SettingsCase Auto Creation Monitoring.
    • Observe the error: "An internal server error occurred while running the Connector Service."
  3. Open the Browser's DevTool and check the network logs. The following errors are typically seen:
      "message": "An internal server error occurred while running the Connector Service",
      "type": "TRANSIENT",
      "stackTrace": "[,,, ....]"


Missing configuration


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Review Channel Configuration:

    • In the SAP Service Cloud system, check if the options for Case Type Determination and Party Determination from custom code extensions are enabled under Channel Configuration.
    • If so, ensure the communication configuration to integrate with custom code is properly set up.
      • If you intended to use custom code for determining case types and party roles, verify that the necessary communication configurations are in place.
      • Without these configurations, the system will fail to execute the email-to-case conversion, resulting in the mentioned error.
      • See "Working with Determination in the Service Cloud V2 " for an example.
  2. Disable Custom Code Determination (If Not Used):

    • If custom code determination is not planned to be used currently, you can disable these options in the channel configuration. This will resolve the error.
    • Navigate to SettingsChannelDetermination Rules.
    • Disable the options:
      • Case Type Determination From Custom Code Extensions
      • Party Determination From Custom Code Extensions
    • Save the changes and monitor if the issue persists.


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SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud Version 2 1.0