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3488292 - Invoice verification created via SOAP API Supplier Invoice - Create (B2B, Inbound, Asynchronous) has the status "With Errors"


Invoice verification created via SOAP API Supplier Invoice - Create (B2B, Inbound, Asynchronous) has the status "With Errors" and the message M8568.




If and only if the amount difference is within the tolerance limit of these tolerance settings, system will post the EDI-invoice directly via the EDI-process, otherwise system will create the invoice with status Errors and the message M8568, so that users can process the invoice further using Fiori App Display Supplier Invoice - Advanced and post it.

Cause: The amount or quantity according to the vendor needs to be approved.



  1. Go to App Display Supplier Invoice - Advanced and get into change mode.
  2. In the item line go to the field "Invoice Amount Acc. to Supplier" and enter the amount you want to change.
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. Then choose "Approve Vendor Values" button.
  5. After that, the invoice should be able to be posted.


When an invoice is posted via the B2B SOAP API and the system finds differences between the proposal values and the sent payload, the system will first check the tolerance limits.

If the tolerance limit is lower than the actual difference, this would lead to a warning message and payment block during online processing (e.g. via Create Supplier Invoices app). In case of the API, the system will additionally check the customizing from SSCUI 102094 (Configure Program Parameters) and 102093 (Assign Program Parameters). In the SSCUI "Configure Program Parameters" users can define how the system should react, if it finds differences from the proposal values. If users set this setting to "No Error", the invoice will be posted. If users only want to solve some specific invoices, users can also user the above workaround.

Alternatively users could change tolerance limits, so that the system will evaluate smaller differences as being acceptable and within system parameters. Please note this would however effect all channels of invoice creation (e.g. online processing).


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