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3492914 - Special characters are being added to the date time format in Learning reports


Special characters are being added to the date time format in Learning reports.


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Our Learning Engineering Team has reviewed this issue and confirmed that a new space character (NNBSP) is appearing in the date time format. This is because the CLDR library has been upgraded in Java17, which has updated the space character to NNBSP/new space character. Since Learning is using Java17, this is causing the issue.


This problem is not connected to standard or custom reports. It happens when a date time field in the report does not have a defined eventHandler class.


  1. Please request the downstream system to make the required changes to the date time pattern. The introduction of this new space character is a result of the CLDR/Java 17 library, and we cannot fix it, as it does not rely on Learning.

  2. As an alternative, you can update the custom report to use event handler class for the last updated timestamp field like below code snippet:
      <cell id="5033">
                            <text id="5039">
                                <property name="eventHandlerClass">com.plateau.common.reportservice.impl.PlateauTextItemEventHandler</property>
                                <property name="newHandlerOnEachEvent">true</property>
                                <list-property name="userProperties">
                                        <property name="name">SHOW_INPUT</property>
                                        <property name="type">boolean</property>
                                        <property name="isVisible">true</property>
                                        <property name="name">OPERATOR_COLUMNS</property>
                                        <property name="type">string</property>
                                        <property name="isVisible">true</property>
                                        <property name="name">OPERATOR_NAME</property>
                                        <property name="type">string</property>
                                        <property name="isVisible">true</property>
                                <property name="SHOW_INPUT">true</property>
                                <property name="OPERATOR_COLUMNS">EXPIRATIONDATE:PREFERRED_TIMEZONE</property>
                                <property name="OPERATOR_NAME">FormatOnlyDateDisplayInLearnerTimezone</property>
                                <property name="contentType">auto</property>
                                <text-property name="content"><![CDATA[[EXPIRATION_DATE]]]></text-property>
    Currently no eventhandler class is specified for Last updated timestamp field, please see below.
     <cell id="5045">
                            <data id="5055">
                                <property name="resultSetColumn">ITEMLASTUPDATETIMESTMP</property>


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