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2518360 - The Manage Documents Feature in SAP SuccessFactors


  • What is the Manage Documents feature?
  • How do I have access to this tool?
  • How to us the Manage Documents Tool
  • Can we delete documents on this view?
  • What are the settings that can be configured?
  • How to download the document?
  • How to upload the document?

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SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


What is the Manage Documents feature?

  • The Manage Documents feature helps to better manage documents uploaded by users to the SAP SuccessFactors
  • Users can search, and download documents that are relevant to your SAP SuccessFactors solutions, such as SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting or SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals
  • All attachments are stored in the Manage Documents page

Note: These attachments are subjected to the storage limits set up in the Admin Center or in the back-end system. See below the settings that are configurable for your Document Attachment Storage setting. Manage Documents Configuration is now available as a self-service tool in Admin Center

How to provide access to Manage Documents

Grant this permission by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin Center
  2. Go to "Manage Permission Roles"
  3. Choose the role you wish to grant this to
  4. Click "Permission" and navigate to the "Manage Documents" category

Granting the categories required

Note: If you already enabled Manage Documents and still do not see it via Tool Search, ensure "Manage Document Categories" permissions are enabled in RBP (Admin Center Manage Permissions Roles > Choose the role you wish to grant it to > Click "Permission" and navigate to the "Manage Documents Categories" category)


  • When viewing Manage Documents, the amount of storage being used by attachments is listed by category.
  • Also included are details about the quantities of used and available attachment storage space.

Storage allocation.png


The Manage Documents screen in the Admin Center includes details about the quantities of used and available attachment storage space. Beyond the Used amount and the Total Allocation information, the new link to View more information displays the amounts for your tenant’s Base Allocation, Purchased Storage, and Out of Compliance Storage.

  • Total Allocation: Tenant Storage Space Allocated
  • Base Allocation: Default Tenant Storage Space Allocation for all tenants - 500 GB
  • Purchased Storage: Tenant Storage Space that you've purchased from SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Out of Compliance Storage: Tenant Storage Space exceeding the sum of Base Allocation and Purchased Storage. Users will NOT be prevented from uploading attachments in BizX, provided that you have out of compliance storage allocation set in your tenant (result of requesting storage increase in the past). however, this will be discussed by your CEE or Account Manager during renewals, and are subject to charges.

With the introduction of attachment storage limits on a tenant and the ability to purchase additional attachment storage space, as required for your business needs, it was necessary to provide a more detailed and convenient view of tenant’s attachment storage information. Soon, customers who will be requesting to increase their storage limit will need to purchase additional storage. Refer to KBA 2480068.

The bulk download for attachments feature includes three additional filters, which provide more granularity for extracting documents pertaining to a particular Division, Department, or Location.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

  • Administrator Permissions > Admin Center Permissions > Monitor Scheduled Jobs
  • Administrator Permissions > Manage Security Center > Access to Destination Settings

From H2 2021 Release you can now Export documents that aren’t associated with a document entity using the new "Undefined" Document Entity type, which is now available in the dropdown menu when requesting a new download:

How to Use the Tool

Please refer to Document Management Admin Guide for complete details on how to use the Manage Documents tool

Can we delete documents on this view?

  • The delete option is only applicable for attachments directly uploaded in this page.
  • The only way you can delete attachment in this view can be done by any of the following options below.
    • You can navigate to the module page where the attachment was uploaded and delete/remove it from there.
    • You can also opt to use the Auto Data Purge option which allows auto purging of attachments in BizX, depending on the retention time set. More details can be found on this section of the admin guide.
  •  If an attachment was deleted or removed directly from the module page where it was uploaded and is still visible under Manage Documents page, this means that the module attachment is using "soft deletion". To improve consistency across all module attachments in BizX, we are targeting to enhance this in the future releases.  
    Note: For Employee Profile, this enhancement has already been implemented.

What are the settings that can be configured related to limitations for attachments in BizX?

The following configuration is now available in Admin Center under Company and Logo Settings in a new section called Document Attachment.

  • Attachment Storage Allocation: Default value set is 500 GB. This cannot be changed via UI. For additional storage requests, please reach out to your CSM, CEE or Account Manager. 
  • Attachment User Limit: No limit, 5MB, 10MB, 20MB, 50MB, 100 MB
  • Attachment Max File Size: 5MB and 10MB
    Note: This is the maximum file size that can be uploaded. It is not designed for video and audio files
  • Attachment Limit Notification Monitor Period: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, Never
    Note: Admins who have access to Manage Documents receive a notification when threshold hits 75% of their total attachment storage allocation. When notification is turned on, the system runs a job to trigger the email reminder
  • Mass download of Attachments: This can be done my selecting multiple files from the Manage Document page and clicking on the Download button. Using the feature, you can perform a bulk download to your SFTP. The feature only allows a maximum of 20 simultaneous downloads in BizX, each limited to 5GB total file size per download. Check the Downloading Documents in Bulk. for more details on performing a mass download of attachments. From H2 2021 Release you can now schedule up to 50 GB Bulk download.                           
  • File Formats Supported: doc, pdf, csv, htm, ppt, xls, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, html, rtf, bmp, xlsx, docx, pptx, txt, & msg

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How are documents been added to “others” categories?

Other Categories will appear for documents which have no pre-defined categories:

      • All the documents from SFSF modules that have no pre-defined categories registered with Document Management Service.
      • All the documents from MDF objects that have an attachment field but have not been configured with a custom document category.
      • Manage Documents shows top 10 break downs by space usage. The last item on this list will be a shown as a catch all tag called others.
  1. How are documents been added to “General” categories ?

General is a label that aggregates the general attachments that are defined by Recruiting on the Candidate Profile.
To find pre-defined categories list navigate to Manage Documents > Filter icon > Advanced Filters >Manage Document Categories link

  1. How can I find complete list of pre-defined categories?

To find pre-defined categories list navigate to Manage Documents > Filter icon > Advanced Filters >Manage Document Categories link

  1. I am only seeing 10 categories breakdown on Manage Document Page under storage?

This is expected. The listed breakdown on Manage Documents page under the storage bar is just the top 10 categories.

  1. Can I rename files from Manage Documents?

No, it is not possible to rename files under Manage documents.

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