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3374545 - Credentials of the connections vanished after deleting their owner


  • User A created a connection with "Share Credentials" toggle enabled.
  • User B edits this connection, changing the credentials.
  • User A is deleted.
  • The credentials vanished.


SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.14.1 


  • When user A creates a connection and chooses to "share credentials", the credentials are attached to the connection, and the owner of the connection is user A. So, the "owner of the credentials" is user A.

  • User B is effectively editing user A's credential and does not create a new set. So when someone edit the connection and add another credential on it, they are just editing the credentials that are "owned" by user A.

  • If the connection is shared with user C, user C would be using the new credentials edited by user B, but that "belong" to user A.
  • Deleting user A effectively deleted user A's credentials inputs for security purposes, so the behavior of the credentials vanishing is by design.

So when user A is deleted and the ownership of the connection is transfered to user B, the credentials are vanished, and all the new credentials added from now will "belong" to user B.

Maybe it's better to understand when thinking that when "share credential" option is enabled, the credential belongs to the connection object (and to the owner of this connection), and not to the user who added the credentials. 


This is a by design behavior.

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